5 Helpful Tips for Your Plus Size Boudoir Photos

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Boudoir can be defined as a type of sensual photography that incorporates a wide range of sexy, intimate, and playful poses. It comes from an old French word meaning a private room, hence its original connotation takes to confidential settings and with that, sexy clothing.

Boudoir photos are not exclusive to models, and neither do they have to be erotic or vulgar, as most people think. Yes, it might incorporate this element, however, unless you are signed by a modeling agency, you have the liberty to decide what conveys your sexuality best. In other words what you are comfortable with.

This is what brings us down to the subject, “5 Helpful Tips for Your Plus Size Boudoir Photos”. In demystifying this broad topic, certain key subtopics form the backbone and hence cannot be overlooked. I’m talking about the kind of dressing, props, photo lighting, the background, all of which play an important role. Aside from that, now that this article is intended for plus women, it is only sensible to talk of the common struggles when it comes to posing and owning your sexuality in front of the camera.

The truth is, everyone wants to and can look good in front of the camera. So, instead of shaming your imperfections, you can strategically downplay those problem areas.

Do you know that, at this moment, your body is boudoir ready? To verify this, read along on the following ideas

1. Dress in Flattering Lingerie

Considering the nature of the shoot, you don’t need too much cover-up. Typically, what flaunts the feminine body on such occasions would be a two-piece costume, a bustier with matching pants, some lace or net detail, and so on. However, despite the set standards, confidence is everything.

If you are feeling overexposed then that directly translates into the mood of the shoot. Plus girls usually have a lot more to cover. That doesn’t necessarily mean you are embarrassed of your body, it only implies you would rather conceal some areas, which is perfectly fine. Anything to get your confidence going.

In that case, consider throwing on a robe or a sheer wrap; something translucent that will not, of course, ruin the theme. Once you get past the anxiety, feel free to shed off the layers to your desire. My point here is, better safe than sorry.

A corset too would be a great alternative. It is excellent in holding you in the belly area and sides so that those annoying handles are disguised. Go for one that is body-hugging but yet again not too tight, as this too could compromise on your relaxation levels. If need be, throw in some fishnet stockings or go for a costume with garter straps so that you have the option of pulling up your leggings to your thighs. Once you feel ready and set, go for the kill!

plus size woman wearing corset

2. Play Around with Ideal Angles and Poses.

Ultimately, all body types are beautiful, and this is one of the realities plus women need to start warming up to. Nevertheless, different bodies photograph differently. For instance, curvy women may already have quite some hips and a wide bustline, so her most flattering angles will vary from those of women with straight figures.

For starters, always default to tilts as opposed to facing the camera head-on. Even if your face is directly positioned towards the camera, let the rest of your body conform to somewhat an “S” shape. What this does is create symmetry and body contours.

The S shape can be manipulated to fit into several postures, the most common one being when the subject is lying down. Have your back arched instead of maintaining a perfectly horizontal posture. A tilt to the side when shooting in a bedroom theme is magical.

Also, try several different poses so you have a variety to choose from. It doesn’t always have to take to conventional ways, so don’t be afraid to experiment. The latest trends are cropping out the face from the frame, or partly showing certain features, as a way of building up suspense.

Do something unusual with the chair, stand against a wall, bend on your knees, and strike a pose. The most beautiful pictures are inspired by creativity. This should also tell you that hiring a good photographer who is able walk you through fashionable tips is very important.

What you shouldn’t do though is have your photos taken from a low angle. It only exaggerates your width, chubby cheeks and double chin (if you have one). Preferably suggest an eye-level or high angle shot. It makes your eyes pop while giving you a seemingly smaller frame.

3. Get Your Whole Body Involved

It takes more than just your curves to turn a picture from usual boring to epic, and the secret behind this is working with nearly all your body parts. Not forgetting your hair! You need to synchronize your movements in such a manner that exudes rawness and power.

Your hands especially should almost always go in opposite directions. For instance, if one happens to be stroking upwards, let the other face down on a stationary pose, (say resting above your thigh). Alternatively, you can have both your arms raised to your head while accentuating your curves.

woman being sexy and playful

Do not hesitate to touch your skin gently using your fingertips. This trick is actually what so many professional models maximize on because of the sexual energy it affords. Narrowly part your lips too to create a breathing illusion. While at it, don’t forget to focus your eyes and make them as fierce as can be.

For your lower half, work with different leg poses. You can opt to raise both your legs up while crossing them at the ankle, have them spread wide if using an inverted chair angle, or bend them at the knees while they rest in mid-air. Your hair too should blend in naturally, so have it switched to and fro different sides depending on what works best.

4. Choose an Inspiring Setting and Complement it with Gorgeous Props

It’s amazing just you much you can accomplish with the right tools. Your immediate environment and the available props can either upgrade the quality of the shoot or conversely degrade it. The kind of resources used must always match up to the photography style and work towards realizing the overall vision of the project.

Lighting should be one of the top priorities. Soft natural light is often supplemented with other sources to avoid very harsh shadows. However, a subtle shadowy effect is breathtaking. You can also choose to have a monochrome lighting which creates a vintage effect, one with stunning grays and blacks – whatever floats your boat.

An outdoor theme obviously does not require the exact same observations; this majorly applies to an indoor setting. On that same note, props too will change depending on the shoot location, but when it comes to body apparel the rules are still the same.

Get an elegant pair of heels, earrings, bracelets, or a pearl neckpiece. These work well especially if you are going for an all-revealing shoot. A bouquet would also get the job aesthetically done. It can be used to hide the more intimate parts as you work with different poses, not to mention the lovely accent shades it affords within your frame. Nothing short of gorgeous!

5. Get Dramatic

Like I said, don’t get too comfortable in doing things the traditional way, instead, create your magic by stepping out of the ordinary. Your makeup for instance will definitely command attention once you introduce a bright red lip, a smoky eye, or colorful hair highlights, as opposed to dull and neutral shades.

For women who prefer a more natural look, it’s okay to keep it simple but then not as though you haven’t put on anything. It’s all about balance, otherwise, your pictures might end up looking like any other normal album. To turn up the heat, add in some wind for a billowy effect. Alternatively, make it a wet shoot. A costume paired with angelic wings is another way to go about it, or perhaps a cowboy theme. The options are endless really.

How to Get Comfortable for Boudoir

woman posing at home in red bra

Not everyone is photogenic so prior preparation is vital. You should expect to feel a bit nervous especially if it is your first time but even with this, the key lies in striving to work through it. Anxiety can be regulated to less threatening levels with the following recommendations.

1. Practice – Don’t wait to start acquainting yourself with poses and angles on the d-day. It’s a sure ticket to failure. Start to perfect the art as soon as you conceive the idea of doing a boudoir shoot. Look in the mirror as you learn your most flattering angles, sides, head movements, and best facial expressions. Work on a good number of moves so that you have more options to fall back on into the session. Take a bunch of selfies too and use that as a guide for new ideas.

2. Do your research – The internet is full of information as regards sexy photography. Use Pinterest, Instagram, and any other platform for inspiration. The more visual content you see, the better you get at developing your own.

Note: never try to replicate exactly what you see other models doing because that can get frustrating. Be your authentic self, after all, it is your shoot.

3. Treat yourself – Before the big day, take some time out to just treat yourself to some luxury. Go to a spa, take a long scented bath, buy a nice perfume, chocolates, or a nice outfit; anything that will make you happy. This helps you to get out of your head by inducing some pleasure hormones. When you feel good, you most assuredly will look good.

4. Use music to get you going – The shoot doesn’t have to be all serious. Some good sound is effective for cutting down the tension, plus, it doesn’t interfere with the process, if anything, it adds more life.

5. Get a professional photographer, preferably one with experience in shooting curves – They are likely to be more patient and give your great ideas on how to best accentuate your beauty. The larger their curve portfolio, the greater the possibility of nailing your shots.

6. Create a good rapport with your photographer – Get to know them a bit more (outside the studio, if possible) and what they have in mind for the project. This helps ease camera tension.

7. Set the rules from the go – Know exactly what you want and discuss this with your photographer. They should be allowed to slip in some suggestions but you should majorly be in control. Let them know what kinds of shots are unacceptable and which ones can be used for their work advertisement. If need be, have a signed contract as evidence.

Tips on how to look camera slim

woman posing in lingerie
  • Slightly turn your body, extending one leg out while the other maintains a 45-degree angle. It downplays your belly.
  • Identify those parts that are bigger and move them away from the camera. For instance, push your arms and elbows back a little bit more, away from your body.
  • Use your makeup to create contours especially around your jawline and cheekbones.
  • Bring your fingers closer together to your waist as opposed to holding them wide apart.
  • When in a sitting posture, avoid sinking into the chair and slouching all the way back. Instead, scoot towards the edge of the seat, and sit on a cushion to make you look taller.
  • Always elongate your neck and push out your chin.
  • Heavy thighs are difficult to maintain in a crossed leg posture for long periods, so try crossing your legs at the ankles instead.
  • Have your photographer mix up a variety of shots from full-body, to close-ups then select those that make you appear seemingly lean.


A good boudoir photoshoot ought to leave you feeling sexy, attractive, and worthy of the spotlight. Whether intended for your partner or simply your pleasure, it is prudent to lay the right foundation that will help materialize your album goals. Keep things simple and comfortable so that you don’t end up looking uneasy. Lastly, ensure to lead the way as it gives you some kind of control in the most vulnerable circumstances.

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