10 Workarounds for Sagging Breasts You Can Do Right Now

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A generous bosom is a highly coveted feature of a woman. You just so happen to be very blessed in the chest department. One of the downsides of bigger boobs though is that as time goes on and gravity does its thing, your breasts can begin to sag. Is there any way to hide this?

Here are 10 workarounds for sagging breasts:

  • Masterful bra adjustments
  • Get an up-to-date bra fitting
  • Wear the right pushup bra
  • The shapewear effect
  • Anti-sag exercises
  • Fix your posture
  • Use makeup
  • Boob tape magic
  • Massage your breasts
  • Eat to beat sagging

If you’re wondering how some of these tips can make your breasts less saggy, you’ll know by the time you’re done reading. You’re not going to want to miss this article!

10 Things to Try Today to Reduce Saggy Breasts

1. Adjust Your Bra

Let’s start with what is among the fastest fixes on this list. Adjust your bra!

Even if you tighten your bra straps using the included sliders to just the right spot, if you wear the bra enough or carry a shoulder bag often enough, I guarantee you the slider will slip down to the back ring of the bra.

When your bra straps are too loose, you’re not getting the optimal degree of breast support that your bra should give you.

That’s also true if the band is too loose, which is bound to happen the longer you wear the same bra. The stretchy quality of a bra is only due to elastic, which doesn’t last forever.

First, tighten your bra straps to they’re comfortable and tight. You don’t want the straps digging into your shoulders, but they shouldn’t be so loose that they easily slip right off either.

Then check the hook and eye closures on the band. You’re supposed to start with the loosest band setting so that as the elastic wears, you can gradually tighten the band and preserve your bra for a little bit longer.

After tightening your bra, put it on. Hopefully, your breasts look better and are more supported in the bra than they were!

2. Get a Bra Fitting

If even adjusting your bra didn’t do the trick, then I recommend planning a trip to your favorite bra retailer and asking for a fitting.

You’re ideally supposed to get a bra fitting at least every six months (and no more seldom than once a year), so you’re probably overdue anyway.

Many women assume that it’s only their weight that causes their breast size to change. That’s not true at all!

Illness, menopause, pregnancy, medications, and exercise are some of the factors that can also make your chest bigger or smaller.

Since a lot of these are everyday life things that are hard to avoid, you want to ensure you’re not walking around in an ill-fitting bra.

Get fitted and your saggy boob woes could just be behind you!

3. Wear a Pushup Bra

You normally avoid pushup bras because your cleavage is ample enough that you don’t need any extra help.

However, besides enhancing your cleavage, a pushup bra also has a lifting effect. That’s why it’s called a pushup bra, after all!

If you’re worried about breast spillage, then I again refer you to my tip: get fitted for a bra! Try the bra on in the store as well so you can see how it fits on your chest in particular.

That’s something that you can never predict when shopping online even if you buy a bra in your cup size.

You do not have to wear a pushup bra as your everyday bra. You’ll have cleavage out the wazoo, which isn’t exactly appropriate for the office.

Plus, wearing pushup bras too often can apply pressure on your lower breast tissue. Not only can that be painful in cases of prolonged wear, but the breast tissue pressure can also make your sagging issue even worse!

Keep your pushup bra handy for those days or nights when you’re rocking a tight top or dress and you need your breasts to look like they defy gravity.

Wear a more supportive everyday bra otherwise, that will not exacerbate sagging. 

4. Try Shapewear

You can also skip the pushup bra altogether and wear shapewear instead.

Back support compression shapewear is great for your back and also has the added benefit of wrapping tightly around your chest. 

You’d still wear a bra underneath, so you have the support and possibly the lift as well, but now further shaping and lifting thanks to the shapewear.

The U-shaped design of back support compression shapewear can also slim your upper body, reducing any bumps and rolls around your arms or on your back.

This type of shapewear does not cover your stomach, so if you’re hoping to slim your stomach through shapewear, you’ll need to try a different solution.

5. Do Some Exercises

The misconception that plus-size women don’t exercise is ludicrous. 

Even though larger ladies aren’t as obsessed with being skinny, they know that exercise is for more than losing weight. It’s for maintaining one’s figure and being healthy.

If sagging breasts make you self-conscious about wearing a sports bra to your local gym or fitness club, you can begin incorporating certain exercises into your routine to shape your breasts.

Well, allow me to explain. Breasts are tissue, not muscle, so it’s not like you’re working a muscle and making it bigger.

Underneath your breasts though are chest muscles and connective tissue. By strengthening them, your breasts will look firmer and less droopy.

So which exercises should you start doing? Here’s what I recommend.

  • Arm curls: To do an arm curl, grab a resistance band, step on it in the center, and then hold onto both sides of the band. Move your elbow nearer your ribs and then begin to bend at the arms. Your hands and shoulders should be aligned. Then lower your arms and repeat.
  • Bench presses: Chest dips are a great form of bench presses to help your chest look firmer. You can also try cable crossovers, decline bench presses, or seated machine flies.
  • Swimming: Get out there and swim! Whether it’s in the pool or the ocean, swimming works a lot of muscles throughout your body, especially your upper half.
  • Pushups: You can do pushups anywhere, anytime, so there is no excuse to skip them. Pushups work your pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, core muscles, anterior deltoids, and triceps. 

6. Fix Your Posture

Here’s another very easy workaround for sagging breasts that you can do right now. Sit up.

Yes, I mean it. Sit up!

According to health resource In Touch NYC, at least 70 percent of surveyed adults have severe neck pain while another 80 percent deal with some back pain. 

A lot of this probably has to do with how the average person sits. Improving your posture means aligning your hips, shoulders, and head. 

It can feel strange, unnatural, and even a little painful at first, but that’s only because your body is so used to slumping.

What does better posture have to do with your breasts? A lot!

When you hunch over all the time, your breasts aren’t sitting upright. Rather, they’re hanging. The longer your boobs hang, the more pressure and tension on your breast tissue.

Some of the exercises I recommended in the last section can help you naturally achieve better posture. You might also want to upgrade your office or computer chair to a more ergonomic model.

Oh, and back support compression shapewear can also benefit your posture, so try that too!!

7. Use Makeup

How can you create perky breasts right now? It’s time to dig into your supply of makeup and contour your way to shapelier breasts.

If you want to create a lighter but more noticeable effect, then use a highlighter with plenty of shimmer such as a pearly cream. 

Dip your index and middle finger into the cream and then apply it to the inside of both breasts, working your way out.

To create a more dramatic breast-lifting effect with makeup, buy a contour stick that’s darker than your normal shade. For best results, go several shades darker.

Then draw the contour stick on the tops and insides of both breasts. Raise the contour line all the way to your collarbones and blend until it looks natural.

Finish off the look with a highlighting stick (make it matte!).

8. Try Boob Tape

What if you want to create a perkier look when going braless? Is all hope lost?

Not at all! You can always rely on boob tape.

As the name implies, boob tape is a product designed for women that allows their breasts to stay in the desired position.

You place the tape over the front of your breast and tape upward. This creates a subtle, natural lifting effect. The tape should be clear so that no one can even see it’s there.

Boob tape cuts as easily as normal tape, so you can always trim the excess if you’re wearing a plunging V-neck or a dress with a sweetheart neckline.

Most boob tape promises to be sweatproof and waterproof so you can have an enjoyable day inside or outside without worrying about your breasts sagging. I wouldn’t necessarily wear boob tape to the beach, but if you just plan on chilling poolside, it’s an option.

9. Massage Your Breasts

If you don’t mind waiting for potentially firmer, perkier breasts, then you can always try this next method, which is massaging your chest on the daily.

It’s believed (anecdotally, at least) that rubbing your breasts may encourage a higher production rate of collagen while simultaneously making the blood flow to your chest better. Together, you could end up with more breast tissue and firmer muscles.

There is a specific way to go about this self-massage. First, take one hand and reach for the breast opposite that hand, gently cupping your breast.

Then squeeze it rhythmically almost like you’re pumping the breast. As you’re doing this, run your hand down your breast and then up, then down and up, continuing to repeat that slowly.

Make sure you cover all parts of your breast, including the inner, under, and outer parts.

Even if this doesn’t work as you had hoped, at the very least, you’re regularly checking for abnormal breast lumps and bumps!

10. Eat Nutritiously

Last but certainly not least, to firm up your breasts, review your diet.

No, this isn’t a weight-loss trick, despite what you may think.

Rather, it’s about what goes into your diet because it turns out that what you eat can keep your breast tissue healthy.

So what foods do you need more of ASAP? Try eating watermelon, kale, cabbage, whole grains, or broccoli for antioxidants.

Increase your intake of eggs and avocado, as both are great sources of monounsaturated fat. Those fats could allow the breast tissue to grow more readily.

Make sure you’re eating plenty of pumpkin seeds, soybeans, fish, and nuts for the omega-3s as well.


There you have it, 10 awesome, convenient, and fast workarounds for saggy breasts. None involve going under the knife or otherwise modifying your body. 

The results for some of these techniques are certainly faster than others, which is something to keep in mind.

At the end of the day, the greatest workaround is confidence. Saggy breasts are natural. If you have a large bosom, then it’s only a matter of time before gravity takes hold. You can, by all means, want to lift your breasts, but don’t be ashamed of them whether in a bra or out!

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