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12 Reasons Why Being Curvy Is Advantageous

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For the longest time, thin was always in. These days, voluptuousness is finally being celebrated as it rightfully should be. If you’ve got curves, you should embrace them, as your figure is more advantageous than you think. How so?

Here are 12 reasons why being curvy is great:

  • Curves are attractive
  • Social media has made career options for curvier women
  • No BBL procedures for you!
  • Excellent dating options
  • No awkward salad dates, either
  • Embracing unique fashion
  • No padded bras here!
  • You’ve worked more on loving yourself
  • Cuddling feels nice
  • Look younger
  • Perceived as healthy 
  • Curves are the epitome of femininity

In this guide, I’ll take you through all 12 reasons why curvy women have it made. If you’re having a bad body image day, this article should be like a huge self-esteem boost for you, so make sure you keep reading!

12 Reasons Why Being Curvy Has Its Advantages

Curves Are Attractive

It’s taken society so long to discover the beauty of curves, but it’s something that the opposite sex has always known.

A study done by the University of Texas at Austin and published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior in 2015 that was written about in Texas education publication UT News revealed some interesting findings.

The study involved 100 men. We don’t know the age of the men or any more details than that, just that there were 100 of ‘em.

The men were shown manipulated images of women across what the study describes as a “natural spectrum.” Participants were then asked to rate the women by their attractiveness.

The findings were that the most attractive women had a lumbar curvature of 45 degrees. In other words, these aren’t necessarily straight-sized women, but curvier ones.

The preference is evolutionary. As one of the lead researchers says, “The spinal structure would have enabled pregnant women to balance their weight over their hips…These women would have been more effective at foraging during pregnancy and less likely to suffer spinal injuries.

In turn, men who preferred these women would have had mates who were better able to provide for the fetus and offspring, and who would have been able to carry out multiple pregnancies without injury.”

There you go, science proves that curves are appealing!  

Social Media Has Made Career Options for Curvier Women

The days of stick-straight models are thankfully becoming fewer and further between.

Recently, plus-size models are rising in prominence as well. 

Now, I’ve written on the blog before that a quote-unquote plus-size model is not necessarily even a plus-size lady, but that’s not so much what it’s about.

Every time there’s an ad campaign for clothes, lingerie, shapewear, you name it, and a retailer chooses a plus-size model rather than a straight-size model, they’re normalizing bigger women.

It’s that normalization that’s needed for plus-size ladies to become even more accepted among society (if you care about that sort of thing, that is).

Social media could be the key. Between Instagram, TikTok, and even OnlyFans, women with bigger bodies are proving that they are just as sexy as the standard definition of a model if not more so!

No BBL Procedures Needed for You

Have you ever heard of BBLs before?

They’re short for Brazilian butt lifts, a surgical procedure that women spend a lot of money on to get a Kardashian-inspired derriere.

The obsession with BBLs started in the early 2020s and has caught ablaze ever since. 

Ladies on TikTok have shared befores and especially afters, tantalizing other women who aren’t happier with their flatter rears to do something about it.

A BuzzFeed News article mentions that the COVID-19 pandemic reduced the rate of cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery by up to 15 percent in 2020. Yet in the last five years alone, the rate of BBL procedures done has risen by 48 percent.

That proves that even a pandemic can’t stop BBLs!

As a curvy woman, you know what it’s like to have a fuller rear. You don’t need to go under the knife for a potentially dangerous surgery.

The BuzzFeed News article also states that BBLs have a death risk of one in 15,000. The procedure is considered moderately risky, especially if a woman doesn’t bother ensuring her surgeon is qualified to do the procedure.

You Have Excellent Dating Options

Are you still single? With the growing acceptance of curves across the board, your dating options surely will open, and quite wide at that!

After all, you only have to go back to the beginning of this article to reread how men are evolutionarily favored to prefer curvier women because they can carry more children to fruition.

Will some men out there still prefer skinnier gals? Yes, and that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re fatphobic or not body positive. 

Everyone is allowed to have their preferences. If those preferences are expressed in a respectful way, then it’s no harm, no foul.

You should expect that for as many men out there who may prefer small gals others will see you and be eager to get to know you.

If you’re into online dating, you can always use the same sites as everyone else like OkCupid, Match, and Tinder. 

You can also sign up for plus-size-friendly dating sites such as BBW Admire, BBWCupid, or WooPlus.That maximizes your chances of finding the perfect partner for you!

No Awkward Salad Dates Here

Some people enjoy going on dates more than others. 

If you are of the consensus that dates are fun, even you can admit that choosing what to eat for that all-important first dinner date is one of the most agonizing decisions you’ll make in a long time.

Most women feel pressured into eating a salad. It’s like they’re so eager to continue the perception that women don’t eat, or they only eat dainty meals that they end up starving themselves when going out.

As a larger, curvier lady, the perceptions about you are different. People will assume you like to eat because you have a voluptuous figure.

Now, women can be curvier and still very healthy, so this perception of you isn’t always true.

In situations like these though, I say use it to your advantage! If people expect you to eat, then eat is what you should do, even on a first date.

Go ahead and order the filet mignon or the swordfish special or maybe the tasty-sounding pasta alfredo. You might as well!

Oh, and don’t skip dessert either unless you want to. You make the rules!

You Often Embrace Unique Fashion

I wrote recently about how plus-size women lack many of the fashion choices and variety that their straight-sized counterparts have.

 If you walk into a store, you’re lucky if you find a few different garments. Shopping online gives you more variety, but not always by a huge margin.

While fashion brands and retailers are expanding their respective selection of women’s plus-size clothing all the time, until plus-size garments are as common as straight sizes, you’ve to work with what you have.

That means you’ve improvised your fashion and tried some unique and dare I say even bold fashion choices simply due to what’s available.

You have a head-turning style and a figure that fills out clothes nicely, so you tend to get attention wherever you go.

You Have No Need for Padded Bras

A padded bra can fill out a smaller cup size and even make a woman’s breasts look larger.

Now, women come in all shapes and sizes. If you’re more pear-shaped, then you could be smaller up top and curvier from the waist down.

Other women with generous curves throughout have both larger breasts and larger bottom half. For these ladies, the thought of wearing a padded bra is unthinkable.

You don’t need any help lifting your breasts or creating kill cleavage. You also don’t typically want your bust size to look bigger since it’s already more than ample enough, thank you very much.

If anything, you shop for bras based on how supportive they are, and how cute too, of course.

Each time you strap on your bra in the morning, think of how many women would love to have a bust like yours. You’ve been generously endowed, and you don’t have to hide your cup size one iota!

You’ve Worked a Lot on Loving Yourself

While I’m all in on the plus-size resurgence of sorts that’s going on at current, I want to again stress that it wasn’t always this way. 

Not to mention that on top of that, even today, some close-minded people still assume that women have to be skinny to be attractive.

Flying in the face of all this with your body type, you have probably lived with amplified insecurities for years. Women in magazines, on television shows, in movies, and in pop culture didn’t have your body, which made you feel like you had to change.

You might have cultivated a lot of self-hatred that you carried around. Eventually, you clutched to the wisdom that you don’t have to change yourself but that rather, society has to change.

The hard lessons you learned led to you building a strong bond with yourself. You had to examine yourself and get to love yourself, and it was a struggle. Some days, it still is.

If your body was a shape and size that was deemed more acceptable according to society’s beauty standards, then you might not have undergone so much introspection and self-growth. 

You’d be missing out!

Cuddling With You Feels Great

If you’ve ever snuggled up to a full-sized body pillow at the end of a long day at work, then you know how relaxing it is. You feel like you’re on cloud nine and can drift right off to sleep.

We all want a great cuddle partner IRL as well. With your ample curves, there’s plenty of softness to you that makes cuddling with you feel incredible.

Any partner who has the good fortune to share some snuggle time with you is absolutely very fortunate.

You Tend to Look Younger Longer

What is it that makes a person look young?

It’s subcutaneous fat, which is fat that’s under your skin.

It’s no secret that as you get up there in years, the amount of subcutaneous fat your body has tends to decrease. This can make your face look hollowed out and gaunt.

In other words, you look old.

As a plus-sized woman, you have more subcutaneous fat that will keep your face plump, supple, and youthful.

Of course, your size cannot prevent other signs of aging such as graying hair, wrinkles, crow’s feet, and the like, but you will never have to worry about appearing gaunt. 

You May Be Perceived as Healthy

I already established earlier that men will choose a woman based on their body curvature because it indicates her ability to successfully carry multiple pregnancies.

There are yet more evolutionary cues that might make men want to choose you.

For one, your curvier stature likely means you have wider hips. 

Child-bearing hips are something that men tend to look for in a lady whether consciously or not. Again, having wider hips is indicative that you can easily have a baby.

That you have some meat on your bones would also make you a suitable mate evolutionarily. After all, a plumper woman has vitality. She clearly has access to food.

A skinnier woman might lack access to food or could be ill. From purely an evolutionary perspective, she might not be viewed as a suitable mate to the same degree.

This is not a knock on straight-size women at all, just a review of how evolutionary instincts have evolved over time.

Curves Are the Epitome of Femininity

The last advantage of being curvy is that your body shape is ultra-feminine, even the epitome of what femininity is.

This will surely matter more to some women than others, but you have that womanly shape thanks to your curves. You’ll always be timeless and beautiful!


For plenty of women, losing weight or being skinny has never been what they’ve desired. They staunchly embrace and celebrate their curves because they know deep down how advantageous those curves are.

I hope that this article helps you feel the same way about your own body!

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