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Thongs Are for Plus-Sized Women Too

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If there’s one thing no one will ever find in your underwear drawer, it’s a thong. As a plus-size woman, you just don’t know how to make one work. You feel too exposed wearing it, so you stick to other panty styles. Are thongs really for plus-size gals?

Women of any size can and should wear thongs. Thongs eliminate unflattering panty lines, enhance those curves, and make you feel ultra-sexy. Even if you don’t wear one every single day, styling a thong with a set of lingerie or an LBD is a great way to embrace your inner queen.

In this guide, I’ll explain why yes, plus-size women can and should wear thongs, provide some thong styling tips, and recommend some thongs for bigger gals. There’s so much good stuff to come, so make sure you check it out!

Here Is Why Thongs Are for Bigger Gals

Forget the notion that plus-size women can’t wear this or that.

If you read this blog often enough, then you’ll know that I think that’s nonsense.

A plus-size lady can wear whatever she wants if it makes her feel confident, and thongs should definitely be chief among that list.

Without further ado, then, let’s jump into some reasons why bigger women should embrace thongs wholeheartedly.

You Deserve to Feel Sexy at Any Size

Although this blog is all about plus-size fashion and lifestyle, I’m very size-inclusive.

I believe that no matter a woman’s size, she has the right to feel sexy.

A thong is a great way to do that. Thongs show off the feminine form expertly well, displaying your ample hips, your full thighs, and that derriere in its full glory.

Less is more, and a thong proves it. You’ll feel so irresistibly sexy wearing a thong.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going out on a hot date, you’re having a lover over, or you’re dressing up just for yourself. You should embrace that sexy feeling, as it’s part of what bolsters self-confidence!

Thong Sizing Is More Inclusive Than Ever

It used to be incredibly tough to find lingerie or even everyday delicates in bigger sizes. Fortunately, the gap between straight-size and plus-size lingerie is closing all the time.

While the average department store might only carry beige bras and granny panties for plus-size gals, if you venture into boutiques or do some online shopping, you’ll find sexy, cute, chic thong options that you’ll love.

Sizing inclusivity grants you the freedom to search by criteria that matter to you, such as price, thong style, material, color, and fit.

That’s the way it should be!

They Just Go with Lingerie Better

There’s a reason that so many lingerie sets include thongs rather than any other panty cut.

A thong is just the embodiment of sex appeal, and lingerie doesn’t look the same without it, even with all the garters and bows.

Every woman should have at least one set of lingerie in her closet to pull out when she needs a pick-me-up, so that means owning a thong as well!

Panty Lines Are No Fun

If you’re still not totally convinced, these two words ought to change your mind: panty lines.

Ugh, they’re the worst. You try to dress comfy when wearing a pair of leggings, and your butt is divided by the cut of your panties.

Everyone can see it, as your rear is on display in leggings, and you feel terribly self-conscious.

It’s not only leggings where the dreaded panty line can appear, but other tight pants as well as tight dresses or skirts.

You can adjust your panties all day, which brings even more attention to the area, or you can simply switch to a thong.

Your cheeks will be unencumbered, and those panty lines will have disappeared as well. You can dress with confidence!

Plus-Size Thongs That Will Make You Feel Sexy with a Capital S

If you’re ready to take the plunge and fill your plus-size wardrobe with a few thongs, here are a few of my favorite selections to get you started.

Savage X Fenty Cotton Essentials Thong

For everyday use, you don’t need an overly frilly thong, just something simple and functional that still makes you feel good about yourself.

Those are the days when you dig around your underwear drawer for the Savage X Fenty cotton essentials thong.

This imported thong is made of 95 percent cotton and five percent elastane for comfort, ease of use, and breathability.

The low-rise fit and cotton jersey material are there for your comfort, and the minimal coverage is what you want out of any good thong.

The waistband is made of scalloped lace so it doesn’t squeeze too tightly around your midsection, creating unflattering lumps and bumps.

You can shop sizes between XS through 3X.

The range of colors is delightful as well! Taboo Blue is a simple royal blue hue. You can also order the thong in Savage X Fenty print as well as fun patterns such as pink leopard, orange florals, and pineapples.

Skims Twist Thong

I know, I know, at first glance, this thong doesn’t look all that comfortable but give it a chance.

The Skims twist thong is a low-rise thong made of cotton jersey material (90 percent) that’s soft against the skin and very stretchable. That ought to ease your woes about the thong not fitting right.

The other 10 percent of this thong is spandex for tightness and elasticity.

The twist detail is more about decoration than any sense of functionality, as it helps this thong stand out among your selection of panties. Only the sides and back are twisted, not the front.

Skims offers the twist thong in sizes between XXS and 4X. You can choose from essential hues such as white, gray, or black.

Knix Essential Thong

You won’t believe how comfortable a thong can be until you slip into the Knix essential thong!

Boasting a four-way stretch, the thong has no seams, so it’s comfortable whether you’re sitting, standing, walking, or doing anything else in your day-to-day life.

The mid-rise fit is flattering, and the high degree of stretch hugs your body but never squeezes

. That’s due to the construction of the thong, which is 77 percent nylon and 23 percent Lyrca for the body.

An included quick-drying gusset liner is 86 percent cotton, 10 percent spandex, and four percent carbon.

Browse sizes starting at XS through 4XL.

The range of colors is also fantastic! Your solid-color options are Tidepool (dark teal), Horizon (navy blue), Taupe Gray, Eucalyptus (light forest green), Black, Nirvana (pale lavender), Winterberry (maroon), Emerald (dark green), and Pink Ginger (baby pink).

You can also select between floral and galactic patterns.

Cacique Comfort Bliss Wide-Set Thong

The Cacique lingerie brand from Layne Bryant has some great finds as well, such as the comfort bliss wide-set thong.

Forget about the itty-bitty thong straps that might make you feel nervous about wearing this style of underwear. This thong has wide sides that offer support and coverage so you can feel your best.

With 360 degrees of stretch and a flat waist, your comfort is augmented all day long.

Made of 84 percent nylon and 16 percent spandex, this thong erases panty lines but will never bind, dig, or roll.

You’ll love the color and pattern ranges. The solid colors include Sand Dollar (nude), Deep Taupe, Myristica (dark beige), Black, Café (darker nude), Vetiver (light forest green), and Rhubarb (dark red).

The patterns include florals and pink leopard.

Torrid Fleur Lace Mid-Rise Thong

How about something sexy and lacy for your thong collection?

The Torrid Fleur lace mid-rise thong is just the thing.

Offering low coverage and optimal comfort with a stretch waistband, this chic lacy thong is made from 60 percent polyamide, 27 percent polyester, and 13 percent elastane.

Even better is that you can shop in sizes up to 6X! Although black is the only color available, when it comes to lacy underthings, isn’t that really the only color you need?

How to Make a Thong Work for Your Shape and Size

If this is your first foray into wearing a thong, you might not be sure where to start regarding how to style it.

That’s no problem! Here are some tips that will make the experience of wearing a thong affirming and delightful.

Make Sure It Fits

You worry that a thong will only augment the thickness around your hips, not hide it. You’re also afraid of the dreaded muffin top if the thong straps sit too high.

Those are understandable concerns, but they won’t happen if you buy a thong that fits.

Fortunately, it’s not too hard to find a thong that’s right for your plus-size figure.

There’s no need to take any measurements, as your standard panty size should be the same size you’ll wear for a thong.

Do keep in mind that one lingerie and delicates brand may size its thongs differently from another.

I’d recommend going to the store and trying panties on in person if you can. This will help you find the right fit for you.

Some thongs have adjustable straps as well, ala what you’d see in a bra. These are usually more expensive thongs, but they ensure you get the perfect fit even if the size isn’t ideal.

Test Your Thong Rise

To avoid the dreaded case of showing off your thong for the world to see (aka a whale tail), you need to test your level of thong rise, ideally before you buy the thong.

Put the thong on, and then put on your jeans or pants. Try bending in front of the mirror.

Do your jeans sink, and the thong rises when you bend? Then you’re in for an unflattering whale tail.

A belt can help, but otherwise, you might want to resize your thong.

Choose Your Fabric Carefully

The fabric of your thong can augment the fit, so if a thong doesn’t look flattering on you, don’t automatically blame the size.

Lace thongs are ideal for plus-size gals since they offer a great degree of stretch that will eliminate the risk of muffin tops.

Cotton is another good choice but stay away from synthetics. Those materials aren’t flattering or breathable.

You also don’t want tight elastic around the waistband. This, too, can pinch around your waist and create spillage.

Don’t Be Afraid to Admit If Thongs Aren’t for You

Listen, as great as thongs are, they’re not everyone’s cup of tea, and I respect that.

You might find that a thong just isn’t comfortable and that you don’t feel as confident wearing one as you would have thought (and hoped).

I’m all for wearing whatever makes you feel good, whether that’s an oversized shirt or a body-con dress. That applies to your choice of undies as well.

If you like granny panties or boy shorts, then so be it! I still think it’s nice to have a thong or two that you wear on occasion, but your wardrobe will survive without any thongs as well.


Thongs can complement any plus-size lady’s style. Whether you wear them to feel sexy, as part of a complete lingerie set, or to avoid dreaded panty lines, there are lots of reasons to slip into a thong whenever you need a little burst of self-esteem.

I can’t stress enough that the proper thong fit is key. Your thong should be about the same size as your regular panties. Avoid heavily elasticized waists and tight materials that create muffin tops.

Oh, and if a thong is low-rise versus mid-rise versus high-rise, wear it properly. A low-rise thong is not meant to be worn high on your hips and will not look cute if you try it!

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