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Thick, Curvy, or Full-Figured?

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When describing a bigger woman, it’s not unheard of for the same adjectives to be bandied about. You know, like thick, or curvy, or even full-figured. Do these terms really mean the same thing? How are they different?

A thick woman isn’t necessarily curvy but has more curves than a straight-size woman. A curvy woman is more voluptuous still whereas a full-figured woman boasts a large bust size.

If you’re still a little confused, that’s okay. You won’t be for long! In today’s post, I’ll explain the differences between thick, curvy, and full-figured and help you sort out once and for all which categorization best suits you!

What Does It Mean to Be Thick?

Before maybe 10 years ago, you rarely heard of the term thick being used to describe a woman (or even a man sometimes!).

It was probably around the time that the Kardashians rose to prominence with their hit reality TV show that the word thick entered our vernacular. More than a decade later and it hasn’t gone anywhere.

So what does it mean to be thick?

Calling a woman or man thick is a compliment. It means that this person has more voluptuousness than the average straight-size person.

That said, you can very well be thick and still fit into straight sizes. You can also be thick and plus-sized. It all depends on where the weight and fat distribution happen.

A thick person is usually quite gifted in three areas: the thighs, the rear, and the breasts. That’s why this term is more often associated with women than men.

That said, you can be ample in only one area or two of three and still be thick. For example, if you have thick thighs, then you have thick thighs no matter your breast or butt size.

It’s those who are more uniformly thick ala the Kardashians that get the most attention.

Since not everyone can naturally achieve a thick frame (not even the Kardashians themselves), it’s not uncommon for plastic surgeries such as Brazilian butt lifts to help make someone thicker.

Breast augmentations are another procedure that can help to that end.

That said, a woman with bigger breasts who doesn’t carry much weight around her hips and thighs usually isn’t regarded as thick, per se.

What Does It Mean to Be Curvy?

Next, let’s look at what it means when a woman is curvy. And yes, this is a term that you hear of exclusively used for women.

Curviness is a step up from thickness. The term refers to the generous curves that some women possess.

Once again, these are the most bountiful and noticeable in areas such as the breasts, the thighs, and the rear.

While curves are curves and can be applied anywhere across the body, it’s usually only when a woman is endowed in those three areas specifically that she’s considered curvy.

The rest of her body should be streamlined to make the curvy areas stand out that much more. For instance, you might have a narrower waist but an ample bosom and large hips and thighs.

You can play up your hourglass figure when you dress, especially if you do so strategically. After all, minimizing the width of your waistline even further makes your curves stand out that much more.

Waist belts and peplum styles will get the job done!

I do want to make one thing clear: plus-size women can be curvy as well. You won’t have as much of that streamlined figure, but you will have curves in all the places that are deemed desirable. Your curves might be significantly larger as well.

Although being plus-size and curvy means that you will undoubtedly have some trouble areas, you should resist the urge to hide your body. Instead, pick out tailored clothing that accentuates your most attractive and desirable traits.

Structured and tailored pieces are the most recommended, as they can redistribute volume in spots like your tummy and your chest.

Patterns are also great to wear if you want to bring attention to certain parts of your body but not all.

What Does It Mean to Be Full-Figured?

Let’s also go over what it means to be a full-figured lady.

If curvy is a step up from thick, then full-figured is a step up from curvy. Your body is the most voluptuous of the three, especially in the chest region.

You won’t have an hourglass figure per se like a curvy woman will, as your hips, thighs, and rear are large in conjunction with your bigger chest.

The best thing that a full-figured woman can wear is a good set of undergarments. You especially need a bra that can support your large bosom.

I won’t pretend that it’s easy to find these bras. Once you get out of D-cup range, many of your average fashion retailers just don’t have a sizable enough bra for your needs.

Shapewear can also streamline your shape so you have fewer lumps and bumps, which will go a long way towards augmenting your self-confidence.

When dressing, the same fashion rules as for curvier ladies apply to your full-figured frame.

In other words, don’t try to hide it! Although not everyone may perceive it this way, you are truly blessed to have the body you have. You should embrace it in structured outfits with bold patterns.

If you’re concerned about trouble areas, dark colors are your friend.

However, do not wear baggy or loose-fitting clothing. You’re afraid of looking too big, right? Loose clothes will only make you look bigger.

To that end, try to avoid layering if you can help it. Layers too can create additional bulk that a full-figured woman may very well want to avoid.

Thick, Curvy, or Full-Figured: Which One Are You? And Does It Matter?

Are you wondering whether you’re curvier, thick, or perhaps even full-figured? Here are some pointers that will help you figure it out!

Take Your Measurements

Admittedly, there is no one set measurement that says you’re thick versus curvy versus full-figured.

If you know what a straight-size measurement should look like for someone with your frame, then you can easily take your own measurements and then use that as your gauge.

Well, when I say take your own measurement, you can’t measure yourself from head to toe by yourself. You’ll either have to get professionally fitted or have a friend, partner, or family member do it for you.

If your measurements put you closer to straight-size range or even within straight-size range, then you’re probably thick.

For those ladies who are a little bit bigger, then you’re likely curvy. And if you’re even bigger still, then you’re a full-fledged full-figured lady.

Get Your Bra Sized

The size of your bust is another major indicator of whether you fit into the thick, curvy, or full-figured categories.

Going back to what I said before, you don’t always need a large bust to be considered thick. It certainly helps but isn’t a requirement.

Since breasts are synonymous with curves, once you fit into the curvy category, you will usually have a bigger chest. A full-figured woman will have a chest that outsizes that of even a curvy woman.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. Yet outliers, even as they do exist, don’t mean that the above standards wouldn’t apply.

Even if you aren’t sure which categorization of body size you fit into, or if you know, you should still make it a point to get your bra fitted about every year.

After all, factors like weight gain, weight loss, hormones, and pregnancy can all change your bust size.

No matter the size of your breasts, you need a supportive bra for your everyday life.

Look for the Hourglass (Or a Lack Thereof)

Thick women may or may not have a definable hourglass, as it all depends on how their weight is distributed, as I talked about earlier.

An hourglass shape is also usually harder to discern in fuller-figured women, although not always.

If you’re curvy and closer to straight sizes, then your hourglass may come through loud and clear.

…Does This All Matter?

At the end of the day, does it really matter if you’re thicker or full-figured or curvy?

It does and it doesn’t.

It does in that you can’t really dress for your body type unless you know what that body type is.

Of course, here on the blog, I’m a big believer in eschewing the rules and wearing whatever your heart desires, even if isn’t what everyone would necessarily regard as flattering.

If you want to dress in a way that you feel looks good according to the assets you’ve got, then you absolutely need the right undergarments, and perhaps shapewear, and then fashion styles that suit you.

Otherwise, no, I don’t think it really matters all that much whether you’re thick, curvy, or full-figured.

While I’ve proved that each term is different (as well as how), they’re all variations on the same thing, and that’s being a bigger and more amazing woman.

No matter what you want to call yourself, you’re extraordinary, and that’s what matters most!


Some women are thicker, others are curvier, and other women still are full-figured. I hope this article helps you better understand which you are!

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