How Do Plus-size Models Maintain Slim Faces?

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In today’s world of fashion, round chubby faces are not as celebrated as angled faces. The chiseled jawline and the high cheekbones have become a sensation in most of our fashion diaries. It is no wonder we are amazed at how this beauty standard is still attained by those naturally predisposed to having chubbier faces. If you want to know exactly how plus-size models maintain their slim faces, keep on reading.

Several plus-size models attribute their slim faces to facial exercises and their overall health and wellbeing. It is no secret that many perform face yoga at least thrice a week to maintain their already well-defined angled faces.

As with most fashion styles, the bolder and unconventional, the better. Everything from runways to social media pictures, commercial ads, and Vlogs all have this in common – the emphasis and glamorization of body standards and lifestyles that are rather unattainable for most. Whether it is the stick-thin, extremely tall, extremely light or dark silhouettes and the like, fashion houses go above and beyond to have trendsetting showcases.

Models blessed with unique features and physiques, not common to the average man or woman, are picked for shows. The idea is always to promote cutting-edge, groundbreaking beauty ideals that we can only dream of. We can only desire to look like, dress like, or live like those we see on TV, magazine covers, and fashion shows.

Plus-size models such as Ashley Graham, Tara Lynne, and Robyn Lawley have highly coveted slim flawless faces despite their thick curves. They effortlessly blend into the beauty standards of the day, leaving many curious about how they have been able to do it. 

Well, attaining a slim face naturally is not a cup of tea, especially if you have chubby cheeks and laugh lines. However, these plus-size models have proven time and again that despite your body size, you can still have and maintain a healthy and vibrant angled face without Botox or surgical facelifts. How do you ask? Here are a few tips from our plus size pros.

1.     Face Exercises

Like any other muscle in your body, facial muscles need to be stretched and consistently worked on to give you a slim chiseled look.

You can give your face a natural facelift and very defined cheekbones and jawlines by incorporating 10 minutes of face exercises into your daily routine. Face exercises can literally transform your face in a matter of weeks! Think of the possibilities you get to enjoy without the tediousness of weight lifting or a personal trainer’s need. With these simple and fun techniques, it will be worthwhile looking goofy a few minutes each day.

With face exercises, you can naturally:

  • Lift your eyebrows
  • Lift your cheekbones
  • Remove laugh lines
  • Remove double chins
  • Slim down your face
  •  Define your jawline
  •  And look younger

Whether you’ll be walking your dog, driving your kids to school, in front of a mirror, or simply chilling on your bed watching Netflix, these moves will have an impact on your facial appearance in no time.

a)  XOXO Movements

This movement entails saying out loud the letters “X” and “O” in rapid succession. Make sure you dramatically pronounce each letter. Give it everything you got each time. These movements work on defining your jawline and help slim down the lower half of your face.

Do this for 2 to 3 minutes, with a quick 10-second pause in between sets. Once you start feeling the tension and exhaustion on your cheeks, then you are doing the right thing. Keep on going!

b) Whistling

Whistling is another great exercise that helps you to tone your face naturally. It exercises multiple face muscles and is effective in achieving an overall slim face.

While whistling to your favorite jam or imaginary tune, always ensure to add some oomph! to it. Do this for another 2 to 3 minutes. Make sure not to stop until you feel some burning sensation or exhaustion around your cheekbones and mouth.

You can also try whistling out air to make your facial muscles work even harder. Begin by your typical whistle but don’t make a sound but blow out the air this time. Angle your mouth to be directly parallel to your jaw – don’t angle it downwards. Blow out as much air as you can, with as much force as you can and as quickly as you can. Do 5 to 6 sets of this exercise for effective results. Your cheeks will be on fire once done, and you will really feel the tension at the corners of your jawbone.

c)  Chewing

Yes, your ordinary everyday chewing can contribute to a slimmer face. Isn’t that great news?

Get something a bit tougher (but nutritious) to chew on. Preferably go with seeds and nuts that are really chewy. Prepare two to three mouthfuls of your available seeds or nuts – feel free to combine any of the two for a more nutritious and chewy bite.

As you chew away, be intentional and focus on the motions around your cheeks. This way, you will be able to have a muscle-to-mind connection and therefore work your facial muscles. This exercise is ideal for your face’s overall toning- it works on all your lower facial muscles.

Be cautious not to bite your tongue or swallow your food without completely breaking it down. The exercise works better if your mouth is full but not excessively stuffed.

d) Air balls

Another great exercise is air balls. This is a generic term used to refer to all the mouth exercises that incorporate air use. They vary and are easy to modify and get creative with. Here are some common air ball exercises.

a.  With a mouth full of air, hold the position for one to two minutes.

b.  Shift the air in your mouth from one cheek to the other and hold for one minute each. Do this 5 to 6 times.

c.   Shift the air ball to the front of your mouth and hold for another one or two minutes

d.  Shift the airball to your upper lip and lower lip interchangeably and hold for one minute each. Do this 5 to 6 times.

Once done, release the air from your mouth, take a short break and repeat the cycle above. Air balls help strengthen and tighten your cheek muscles and also help define your cheekbone.

e)  Jaw Release Exercise

This entails chewing with your mouth closed, then suddenly opening your mouth as wide as possible before quickly resuming the chewing. The focus should be on chewing, as this is where you will reap all the perks of this exercise.

During this exercise, you can emphatically bob your head up and down or make sharp head movements from left to right to help work your chin and lose weight in that area.

f)   Suction exercises

Suck your cheeks in as deeply as you can and hold the position for 2 minutes. You can move your tongue from cheek to cheek to work your muscles. The movements, though minimal, make a ton of difference. Repeat the exercise another 2 to 3 times.

g)  Eyebrow stretch exercises

Place two of your fingers slightly above your eyebrow arch. Apply some moderate pressure using your fingertips and lift your eyebrows as high up as you can and back down. Do this 20 times and take a short 20-second break and repeat the exercise. These movements are great for lifting your eyebrows naturally, thus ‘opening up’ your face.

2.     Face Massages

Some plus-size models advise doing this after a face workout; however, face massages can help you get the much-craved facelift even when done alone.

To undertake an effective massage, you will need some ointment. Whatever ointment you fancy will be good enough. The point is to have gliding skin as opposed to rough or dry skin. Use moderate pressure as your facial muscles are not as strong as other muscles of your body. Massage your face using your fingertips or the lower end of your palm as you perform the following strokes:

a. Placing your fingertips on your cheekbone, slowly glide your fingertips up and down along your cheekbones as you exert pressure on the same. Do this for a minute, then pause and repeat for another minute.

b. Placing your fingertips about an inch away from the corners of your mouth, lift your cheeks as you push upwards towards your ears. Ensure that the pressure is always along your cheekbone line. Do this 10 to 15 times with short breaks between each cycle.

c. Lastly, with your mouth wide open, massage your cheekbones in a circular motion and tap along your cheekbone line using your fingers tips (moderately) once done. Do not close your mouth during this motion. Do this 3 to 4 times on every cheek.

Once you get the hang of most of these motions, you can easily modify or come up with your versions. It is advisable to do both the exercises and massage twice a day for maximum results. Make sure to have fun with it!

Other than face massages and exercises, other ways indirectly impact the size and shape of your face. It will be great to couple these up so that you have sustainable results all year round. So here are some lifestyle choices and easy practices you can incorporate into your day-to-day life.

3.     Hydrate

Staying hydrated all day long will help minimize any puffiness around the cheek area. Puffiness can result from inflation, allergies, or, in most cases, excessive water retention. Your body will tend to retain a lot of water if put on a dry spell. This is an automatic response to ensure that the body ‘retains and stores’ as much water as it may need to function.

Drinking at least 2 ½ liters to 3 liters of water every day will help replenish your skin and condition your body not to store up water excessively. High salt or sugar intake also contributes to excessive water retention by the body, which results in puffy cheeks. Do your best to minimize the same. Additionally, you should also avoid foods that make you bloat. Bloating is experienced in your tummy but can also affect your face, especially your cheeks and under eyes, in some extreme cases.

4.     Eat Healthily

Most round faces, chubby cheeks, and double chins are indications of an unhealthy lifestyle. Cutting down on saturated fats, processed foods, alcohol consumption, and other unhealthy meal options will help you lose the flabby flushed cheeks. Substitute your notorious unhealthy cravings with green colourful salads, bowls of fruit, or juiced veggies. Plan to ensure you eat more fiber-rich foods instead of fast foods when on the go. It is the little things we do that help us achieve great results.

By losing overall body fat, your face will also trim down. It now will be way easier to naturally define and chisel your cheekbones and jawline as you will no longer have to worry about double chins or any chubby cheeks.

5.     Makeup

This is not a natural solution, but plus-size models attest to how makeup can help you create your desired angled face. If you cannot slim down your face in time for a major event or occasion, you can smack on some makeup to contour, define and highlight your jawline and cheekbones. It works like magic every time!


Remember, it’s not just about losing weight around your face but also sculpting your face – that’s what will make you look desirable. Face exercises and massages are superb to help you slim down and define your face. They are as easy as ABC and can be done together with your kids or loved ones at home. In addition to exercising, also adopt healthy life choices that will help you maintain a slimmer shapeful face.

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