Will a Tummy Liner Help? Skin Friction Solutions

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Do you suffer from inflamed skin or a rash on your tummy? Are you looking for things that will help reduce friction and help keep your skin healthier? If so, you’re likely considering trying a tummy liner.

Tummy liners are the solution if you’ve been suffering from friction caused by rolls of fat or if you have a painful skin condition like intertrigo. Tummy liners will help absorb moisture and help your skin to heal. 

Tummy liners come in a variety of sizes and are great for absorbing moisture and helping rashes and intertrigo to heal. This article will look at the benefits of tummy liners and give you some tips to help keep your skin in good condition while reducing friction. 

What is Intertrigo?

Intertrigo is a condition that causes the skin to become inflamed. It usually occurs when moisture is trapped in the folds of the skin, and this, along with friction, leads to chafing. In most cases, a tummy liner can be used to help eliminate some of the pain and irritation associated with this condition. 

Intertrigo is most common in people who are obese or overweight and is a growing problem across America with 1 in 3 adults considered to be overweight. The folds of skin on the tummy are one area where this condition is likely to be worse. If you suffer from intertrigo, you may also experience sore, irritated skin or a rash in other areas such as the thigh crease, under your breasts, or in your armpits. Sometimes people even have intertrigo between their buttocks

The tummy is one of the most commonly affected areas, so tummy liners have been developed to help reduce the problem. In some patients, several areas of the body will be affected at once. Others will only have it on their tummy. 

Intertrigo is a red rash that is patchy in appearance and has scaling at the edges. It usually feels irritating and can be itchy. A burning or stinging sensation often accompanies Intertrigo. 

There are often other complications associated with intertrigo, including yeast or bacterial infections. If you suffer from intertrigo, you should seek medical advice, especially if your skin seems to be infected. You may like to try some home remedies, which will help you to manage the condition, and this can include a combination of gentle cleaning, tummy liners, and barrier creams. 

What is a Tummy Liner? 

A tummy liner is an absorbent piece of fabric or a pad that has been explicitly designed to deal with intertrigo. The tummy liner can be placed between the folds of belly fat to absorb sweat. This will help to keep the affected area clean and dry and will help your skin to heal as it will reduce friction and chaffing.

Tummy liners are made from strips of either cotton or linen fabric, which is soft and sterile. These may be ABD pads or a material known as InterDry that’s been impregnated with silver to help reduce the risk of infection. 

Overlapping stomach may need a tummy liner

Tummy liners are available in a variety of sizes, between small to extra-large. Before buying a tummy liner, you should measure yourself to see what size you need. You can measure yourself for a tummy liner by using a measuring tape. Measure the area under the fold of fat from one hip across to the other. Don’t measure all the way around your waist or over the top of your stomach. You’ll need to measure the area that you intend to use the tummy liner to cover.

There are many benefits of using a tummy liner, the main ones being that they help remove moisture, which reduces inflammation and allows your intertrigo to heal. Tummy liners help minimize odor and make you feel more comfortable, especially if the weather is hot. 

Can I use a Tissue as a tummy liner? 

Tummy liners have been specifically designed to treat intertrigo and have unique properties that will help your skin condition to heal. It’s not a good idea to use toilet paper or tissue or any other type of paper towels or kitchen roll that hasn’t been designed for the purpose. While these materials may help to soak up moisture, in the long run, they can cause the skin further irritation. 

How to use a Tummy Liner?

  • Use clean tissue liners daily and insert these into the fold of skin on your stomach. Tummy liners can be placed under abdominal folds, and you can then put your underwear on over the top of it. 
  • Change the tissue liner as much as you need to as they are likely to get moistened with sweat.
  • Once used, tummy liners can be put into the washing machine along with your regular washing. 

Other ways to Treat intertrigo

  • Regularly clean the infected area with water and a cleaning solution
  • Use drying powder or a tummy liner
  • Use an Astringent Compress if your rash is oozing pus
  • Use diaper creams or ointments to reduce pain and inflammation

Clean the infected area regularly

If you suffer from intertrigo, you should cleanse the infected area daily to help eliminate the risk of infection. If your skin is already damaged, use a gentle skin cleanser designed explicitly for intertrigo or a natural cleanser that you’d use on your face. This is gentle on the skin and is better than using body soap, which is likely to cause further irritation.

Wash the area twice daily with a soft cloth after washing rinse the affected area to remove all traces of the skin cleanser. Then make sure that you dry the area thoroughly by patting it with a towel. You may also like to hold the fold of skin opens above a fan or hair dryer to get rid of any lingering residual water. If you’re using a hairdryer to do this, use it on a cool setting. 

Use Drying Powder

You may like to use absorbent body powder rather than a tummy liner. Powders work in a similar way to tummy tissues, but some people find that these are a better alternative. You can use a drying powder in the folds of your skin to help absorb moisture after washing or to reduce perspiration during the day. Absorbent body powders are an effective way to keep the skin dry. It would be best if you always used a powder that has been designed to treat intertrigo, using corn starch or anything similar is not a good idea as this can increase your chances of getting a yeast infection. 

Use an Astringent Compress

Astringent compresses are created using aluminum acetate solution. These can be very helpful if your skin is so severely chafed that it starts to ooze pus. An astringent compress can be used to help dry out the oozing rash, and will also help to eliminate burning or itching sensations. 

Astringent solutions can be purchased from the pharmacy or may be prescribed by your doctor. You’ll need to prepare the solution by following the manufacturer’s directions and can then soak a compress in the solution. The compress can be applied to the affected area for between fifteen minutes and half an hour, after which time you can rinse and dry your skin. Apply an astringent compress three times a day until your rash heals. 

Use Creams or Ointments

If you suffer from skin to skin friction or intertrigo, you may like to try using a cream that’s designed to treat diaper rash. Petroleum-jelly creams will help to soothe and protect your skin. Zinc oxide creams may also be effective. 

Many people who have excess fat use a combination of barrier creams and tummy liners. You can use a barrier cream if you’re in a cool environment, and sweating isn’t a problem. When going out into hotter temperatures, you can use some drying powder or a tummy liner to help absorb moisture. 

However, it’s not a good idea to mix creams with drying powders as this may create a messy paste, and you won’t get the benefit of either of the products.


If you’re experiencing friction between the fold of skin on your tummy, you should see you, doctor, if it hasn’t improved after a week. There are many things that you can do at home to improve the situation, and one of the best things to try is a tummy liner.

A tummy liner will effectively remove moisture from your belly and will encourage your rash to heal. 

Your doctor will be able to confirm whether or not your rash is intertrigo or another similar skin condition and will be able to see if you’ve developed an infection. Your health care provider will also be able to prescribe medication, if necessary.

It’s essential to get immediate medical care if you have any problems with your folds of skin that’s accompanied by symptoms such as fever, a temperature or chills or if your skin is infected and has pus coming out of it. Also, look out for any redness that seems to be spreading quickly and is warm to the touch.

Lastly, if you’re concerned with the appearance of your tummy, check out our articles on tops that help hide belly bulge and waist trainers.

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