Where to Find Amazing Plus Size Garter Belts

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Garter Belts are all the rave in today’s fashion sense. They are not just suitable for utility wear but are formidable and seductive clothing to be worn in the bedroom. If you are plus size and wondering where to find amazing plus size garter belts, look no further! We got you.

Plus size garter belts are available in a majority of top-tier lingerie brand outlets such as Etsy, Hips and Curves, Victoria Secret, and Forever 21, just to name but a few. They are also a common find in large local fashion stores.

Garter belts premiered onto the fashion scene in the 1950s. The longer skirts and dresses, which were prevalent then, were substituted for shorter skirts. Soon, shorter attires became permissible and gained popularity among women quickly. This led to the surge of leggings, stockings, pantyhoses, and other hosiery to give the new short fashion streak a dose of modesty. Bear in mind, women in those times, were not free to dress as they pleased. Some heavy societal perceptions and cultures informed their clothing, conduct, and general presentation. It was, therefore, unbecoming for a lady to ‘expose’ her legs, knees, and thighs in public.

Ladies needed a stylish way to cover up and wearing a pair of leggings was just ideal. Soon the standard elegant style for ladies young and old was a skirt or dress coupled with a pair of nude nylon stockings that were firmly secured by a garter belt. This was coupled with a push-up bra that helped give the bust a rounder and fuller appeal. This vintage look made headway for its air of sophistication, chicness, and decorum.

Leggings became quite popular and were progressively designed for easy wear and removal. Contrary to pantyhoses that were more restrictive and somewhat uncomfortable to wear, leggings covered what needed to be covered – the legs and nothing more. As leggings were more preferred than pantyhoses, garter belts were invented to help hold up the leggings.

Structure of the Garter Belt

In the 50’s era, a garner belt served two primary purposes. For starts, it helped even out a woman’s tummy and achieve a firm hourglass silhouette. A flat tummy alongside a well-rounded set of breasts was the societal ideal of true beauty and was highly endeared and accepted.

Secondly, it helped support your pair of stockings in place throughout the day without it rolling down your legs. There was nothing more coveted than a flat tummy and a well-defined waistline. It was the ideal and the accepted standard of beauty for all women- despite their size.  In their initial structure, garter belts were extremely high-waisted. They were tailor-made to synch in the waist and flatten any tummy or back fat roll that was hardly visible.

Originally, they were made with very stiff and sturdy material- perhaps for the primary purpose of achieving the curvy, wasp-thin waistline. There were very minimal embellishments and detailing on the surface of the fabric. The logic was that these garments were intimates and thus did not need to be thoroughly embellished or decorated with a sense of captivating glamour. They were simply not designed to be seen in public.

Garter belts were commonly designed with 4 straps each with a girdle or clip at its end on which you could secure your stockings firmly into place. The straps were of considerable length and had minimal stretch to them to minimize any movement of the stocking. The clips were made up of plastic, to prevent them from reaping the fabric apart. Two girdles were positioned behind, just below the butt cheeks and the other two at the front of each leg. Once secured, the clips would support the leggings and prevent them from any slips and rolling down. This allowed women to have a neat and well-manicured appearance throughout the day.

A majority of garner belts also had back adjustability features, which helped secure the belt in place and consequently promote good posture while walking or sitting. Progressively garter belts were designed with up to 6 straps to hold the leggings better, and in position with minimal strain.

Why are Garter Belts Still Trending to this Date?

As times changed, did the purpose and design of garter belts evolve? Previously, garter belts were designed for formal utility purposes. Women in the 50’s wore leggings nearly every day and interestingly nearly on every formal, public, or social occasion, which increased the demand for garter belts.  However, nowadays, garter belts are designed with greater emphasis on style, luxury, and sex appeal. They are mostly used by women for sensual purposes as opposed to work or other formal wear purposes.

The decline of wearing garter belts for formal purposes can generally be attributed to the emergence of new trends in fashion, particularly tights. When tights were introduced and women fashion and dressing evolved to accommodate the wearing of trousers and pants, tights became the best alternative to garter belts. They offered both support and firmness around the midsection, were more comfortable, and best of all were easier to maintain than a set of leggings or hosiery. They didn’t easily run or have glaring holes on their surfaces; their material was thick and durable and could be washed just like any other piece of clothing. No special care or attention was needed.

Garter belts have generally remained fashion-relevant despite the constant changes in the fashion tide. Some of the reasons for this enduring trend include:

  • Serves as shapewear, especially for the lower belly pooch. These belts synch in your mid to lower tummy area giving you a defined and curvy mid-torso silhouette.
  • Affordable – garner belts are generally conveniently priced. However, some pieces may be a bit more costly depending on the fabric used and brand name.
  • Sturdy and supportive – the design of the garter belts operates to support the mid-torso area and minimize any unnecessary movements and any bulging fat rolls. A majority of brands design their belts with wider waistbands for this very purpose.
  • Comfortable – due to the soft high-quality fabric used and the supportive nature of the designs, garter belts are one of the most comfortable intimates a woman can have in her drawers.
  • Discreet and hardly visible to the naked eye – garter belts are designed to be undetected through clothing. They are thin and hardly can their edges or borders be seen through clothing – both fitting and loose.
  • Promotes air circulation and blood circulation in the body – unlike pantyhoses that synched you in from your midsection downwards, garter belts alongside leggings allowed for synching and coverage only in the needed areas
  • Evolved to embrace unique and playful cuts and designs – designs range from various trims, luxurious fabrics such as silk, lace, embellishments such as ribbons, ruffles and sparkles, shine, and glitter.

Where to find Plus Size Garter Belts

Several brands offer ingenious, colorful, and trendy garter belt sets that will most definitely make you feel glamorous, luxurious, or seductive depending on what you are going for.  Here is a list of the top brands that offer cutting-edge plus size garter belts that are unique and durable.

1. Victoria Secret

Victoria Secret is a trail-blazing brand that seeks to design and market bold appealing and fashionable apparel. Their plus size garter belt collection is no exception. They come in sets that consist of 3 pieces namely a bra, the actual garter belt, and leggings. The garter belts are mainly for sensual purposes as opposed to utility. They are designed for the look and feel of luxury and chicness – the belts do not necessarily provide ample support or coverage.

2. Etsy

This other great fashion name has loads of plus size garter belt options alongside several other lingerie and belt categories. Their garner belts are more modest and with some vintage feel. These garner belts tend to mimic the original garter belts. Additionally, there are other more modern, sensual designs of garter belts that will be definitely worth your time. So whether it is for work or play, Etsy is guaranteed to have what you need.

3. Yandy

This online site brags of impeccable taste when it comes to plus size garter belts. Their garments are dreamy, unique, and glamorous and have all that you would want in a garter belt! They also have an extremely wide range of styles and cuts from dotted laces, crotch-less cuts, fishnet, satin finishes, and the like.

4. Hips and Curves

Hips and Curves is a formidable player that offers trendy high-quality lingerie wear for women of all shapes and sizes. Their garter belts range from playful to modest, calm and sophisticated to edgy and bold. Any plus size woman will enjoy shopping here as it caters to a wide range of tastes, preferences, and needs.

5. Sparkling Strawberries

If you are looking for a simple garter belt, sparkling strawberries are just the way to go. Their garner belts are not only beautiful, simple, intricate, and stylish but also affordable. They have a wide range of plus size garter belts such that you will not fail to identify one or two that fit you perfectly.

6. Amazon

Amazon may not sound anything like a luxury lingerie brand, but believe me, when I say, you can find SEVERAL plus size garter belts with just one click of the button. This should perhaps be your first stop when it comes to selecting and buying a garter belt if you are looking for ample variety and affordability. Viewing the various garter belt designs may help to narrow down to what you like or what you think works best with your body type.

Other notable brand names and stores that are worth mentioning include Torrid, Bare Necessities, and also Funky Pair. You can look them up online or physically visit their stores.

How to Wear a Garter Belt

Now that we have delved into where to find them, it is important to know exactly how these undergarments are worn.

Contrary to what is portrayed in a majority of lingerie wear commercials and fashion manikins or models, a garter belt should be worn under (and not over) your panties. The rationale for the same is simple. With your panties over the garter belt, it is easier for you to take washroom breaks. You won’t have to remove all your layers of clothing just to pee!

With new designs being spewed out every day, most garner belts come in a set of 4 pieces which consists of a bra, garter belt, a pantie, and matching leggings. However, a garter belt can be bought individually without any additional pieces.

The following are the simple steps on how to wear a garter belt correctly.

  1. Put on your garter belt and allow it to sit securely along your waistline – depending on its unique design, some belts sit high up and some lower.
  2. Ensure all suspenders are facing downwards each with a clip at its end.
  3. Pick up your pair of leggings and sit down to put them on – this minimizes the risk of tearing the leggings during wear.
  4. Unfold each legging and roll them up to your leg and thigh gently – make sure  you do not tear through the fabric or puncture any holes with your nails.
  5. While still sitting extend each suspender straight downwards and clip the legging edge to each girdle. Ensure the clips are secured firmly in place.


Plus size garter belts may be somewhat hard to find but not impossible. Using our detailed list of online sites and distinguished brands, you will be able to identify and purchase good quality, unique and fashionable garter belts. Despite their introduction in the ’50s garter belts continue to live on. Their general utility may have been reduced to lingerie wear but who said it was illegal to rock a 1950’s look to work or a special occasion? A bit of change every once in a while will help spruce things up in your wardrobe. 

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