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How To Get Rid of Bra Strap Indentations and Scars

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Do you have bra strap indentations or scars on your shoulders from wearing a bra that was too tight? Are you looking for ways to remove these unsightly marks effectively? Perhaps you’re planning on wearing a strapless top to a party and are looking for ways to remove unsightly marks. Don’t worry; there are plenty of solutions. 

The best thing you can do to avoid bra strap indentations and scars is to have a bra fitting to ensure that you’re wearing the correct size of bra. Exfoliators, sugar, scrubs, massage oils, sunscreen, water, makeup, and wearing strapless bras will also go a long way.

If you’re looking to get rid of bra indentations naturally, read on. We will give you details of some of the best ways to remove strap scarring and shoulder indentations. Don’t hesitate; bra marks can turn into dark, ugly patches that are difficult to remove.

Why do Bra Strap Indentations Appear?

Bra indentations are caused by your bra straps, and while for many people, these marks disappear over time. For others, they seem to be permanent and can change color, becoming darker. Many natural remedies will help get rid of these marks if you have scarring or indentations. 

But first, let’s look at why these marks appear in the first place. Bra indentations are caused by bras that are ill-fitting or made from hard materials that aren’t good for your skin. Many times these bras are worn too long and even overnight!

Bras that don’t fit correctly can dig into your shoulder and cause problems with your blood circulation, particularly around your shoulders, upper back, and bra line. 

Bras that are not well made can cause disturbances to your body’s tissue, creating indentations or other stubborn marks that are hard to get rid of. 

Many women don’t take bra indentation seriously as they think it will go away in a couple of days. It often isn’t something most people think about until they want to wear a strapless dress and realize that they have visible markings. 

In reality, marks from your bra often don’t go away so quickly, and for some people, they turn into darker, ugly patches known as hyperpigmentation. 

There are many things that you can do to get rid of bra scarring and nourish your skin. 

  • Wear the right sized bra
  • Use a sugar scrub to remove marks
  • Wear sunscreen to spot the marks turning any darker
  • Wear a strapless bra until the marks disappear
  • Use massage oil
  • Cover the marks with makeup on a night out

Wear the Right Size Bra

It’s crucial to choose a bra that’s right for you and that fits correctly. Having the right sized bra can help you to get rid of scars and indentations. It would help if you also chose a bra that’s good quality and well made as this will reduce the likelihood of marks appearing. 

Wearing a bra that’s not the correct size will put unnecessary pressure on your shoulders and will give you marks and could also cause you pain. If you don’t know what size of bra to buy, ask an assistant to help you. Many shops offer a free bra fitting service. The following shows how to get your proper measurements.

To know your exact size, you to take measurements to find a bra that fits you well, following these guidelines:

  1. Band size: Take your measuring tape around your upper waist beneath your breasts. Hold the tape measure firm to your body but not pressing hard. This is your band size. If you get an odd number, round it up.
  1. Bust number: Measure loosely around your breast at its fullest point.
  1. Cup size: To know your cups subtract the band size from your bust measurement. Each number you get will represent a single size cup.

A Closer Look at Band Sizing 

24-28 in 61-71cmS30 32
28-32in 71-81cmM34 36
32-36in 81-91cmL38 40
36-40in 91-102cmXL42 44
40-48in 112-122cm2XL46 48
44-48in 102-112cm3XL50 52
48-52in 122-132cm4XL54 56

Make an Exfoliator Using Milk

Milk is a very effective ingredient that can be used as a scrub to help lighten darker patches of skin. Milk contains lots of essential nutrients that will nourish your skin and improve its condition. 

You can get rid of bra strap marks by making a mixture of milk and almond oil and applying it to your skin. Almond oil is fantastic as it adds much needed moisture to your skin and soothes it. 

To make milk and almond exfoliator mix together a tablespoon of each ingredient and massage it onto your shoulders, paying particular attention to the marked area. Then cover your shoulders with a towel and leave it to soak into your skin for about ten minutes. Wash your shoulders with plain, warm water to get rid of the mixture, but avoid using soap as you don’t want to wash the mixture out of your skin totally. 

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Use a Sugar or Walnut Scrub

Using a scrub will help create friction, which will remove dry skin cells, which can help get rid of the strap marks. Use a ready-made exfoliating scrub and massage the shoulder and back thoroughly and regularly. 

If you’re interested in creating a natural scrub for your skin, you can mix lemon and sugar together. Sugar has a coarse texture, and this is great for exfoliating and removing dry skin. Lemon is a fantastic fruit as it helps to brighten your skin. 

Don’t use lemon on broken skin, or it will sting. To make your own exfoliator, mixt a tablespoon of either sugar or ground walnuts into a tablespoon of lemon juice. Then apply to the marked skin and scrub for five minutes, after which you can rinse the mixture off in the shower. 

Use Massage Oil

If you have any unsightly marks on your skin, it’s beneficial to use massage oil to help stimulate circulation and to reduce the appearance of marks. You may like to use olive or almond oil and can regularly massage your shoulder with it. 

Almond oil will improve the appearance of your skin while also adding moisture to help nourish your shoulders. Bra indents and scars should gradually start to disappear over time. You may also like to use essential oils in your massage to add nutrients. Lavender and tea tree oil are beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars. 

There are also several products on the market that have been specifically designed to reduce the appearance of scars. Bio-Oil is an example of a product that can effectively reduce the appearance of scars over time. 

Remember to Wear Sunscreen 

If you have bra strap marks, it’s a good idea to apply sunscreen regularly even if the weather not that hot. Sunscreen will add moisture to your skin and will block UV rays, which will stop the marks from getting darker. 

If you’re wearing a strapless dress or a bikini, you should be particularly careful and apply sunscreen. It’s a good idea to use a sunscreen with a high factor, of at least 30.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s always a good idea to keep yourself well hydrated by drinking plenty of water. This will help to improve your skin condition. Its recommended that you should drink between six and eight glasses of water a day. 

It’s also a good idea to eat healthily, aim to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet. This will help you to stay healthy from the inside out and will improve the appearance of your skin. 

Make a Yogurt and Turmeric Mix

Yogurt, like milk, is very nourishing and helps to add moisture to the skin. Try adding turmeric, which is antiseptic to a spoonful of yogurt, and this will help to heal scars and lighten any marks you’ve been left with. 

If you want to try this mixture, use plain natural yogurt and add a small spoonful of ground turmeric. Use this mixture to massage your shoulders. This type of massage can be repeated daily for a week to improve skin condition. 

Wear a Strapless Bra

It may be a good idea to wear a strapless bra while you try out some of the above techniques, that way you’ll be able to get rid of your marks rather than adding to them. Often giving your shoulders a break from wearing straps can be a good thing as it will help improve bra marks and your circulation. If you suffer from shoulder pain, wearing a strapless bra may improve this and will allow your shoulder time to relax. 

Cover Bra Strap Scars with Makeup

If you’re going out for the night and want to hide bra scars and marks instantly, try using some makeup. This is an excellent solution if you’re planning to wear an off the shoulder dress. 

First, moisturize your shoulders and then add some concealer. Make sure this is blended in well. You may also like to use some setting spray to ensure it doesn’t smudge. 


As you can see, there are many natural things that you can do to reduce the appearance of scars and indentations caused by your bra straps. Keeping your skin in good condition, generally by eating healthily and drinking plenty of water, will go a long way toward improving your skin’s overall health.

One of the best things that you can do is buy a good quality bra that fits properly. You may also like to wear a strapless bra for a while until your scars and indentations fade. Be patient whatever method you try; you’ll need to repeatedly use it before you start to see a difference. It may take between one week and a month for you to see any noticeable improvements. Also, be sure to check out our bra top picks.

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