How to Find Plus Size Graphic Tops that Will Turn Heads

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Graphic tops have become all the rave in today’s fashion world. And why not? They are sassy, simple and yet a statement piece of fashion. The impression of a casual, relaxed, fun and sometimes careless yet very well thought through impression is what many women would desire for their weekend or after work look. If you are in search of tips on how to find statement plus size graphic tops, then you are in luck! Read along.

Unlike a majority of wardrobe staples, plus size graphic tops have the unique capability of merging fashion with emotion. Wearing a graphic top is not simply a showcase of individual taste and preference but it is an avenue to express yourself in an emotive way.

Various complementary and even contrasting emotions can be invoked in a single moment when looking at a graphic top. The colors and hues may speak one thing, the text another, the graphics another, the cuts another. The playful yet delicate balance between individuality and emotion all combined in a simple top makes graphic t-shirts a fashion must-have for plus-size women.

The power of graphic tops as a tool of communication cannot be understated. In today’s world, graphic tops have gradually been employed to communicate critical matters, confront social ills, advocate for particular rights, proclaim membership or belonging to a particular class of persons, champion a particular course, show solidarity to a movement or agenda, celebrate endeared people and the list goes on and on. The saying remains true – a picture is worth a thousand words.

A graphic top can communicate much about your personal beliefs, values and opinions on various matters without you having to open your mouth, attend a social gathering and doing anything else to that effect. Herein lies the subtle yet powerful ability of individuals ‘voicing’ their deep sentiments, feelings and ideas by simply putting on an impressionable graphic top. The beauty of this is that no matter how controversial or politically incorrect your sentiments are, they are constitutionally protected and respected. No one can lawfully discriminate against you because of wearing a message that rubs them off the wrong way. Talk about fashion with a touch of power!

With such fun and style, graphic tops have been embraced with a wide array of fashion designers and outlets. The current contemporary sense of fashion has revolutionized t-shirts from the traditional round neck plain tops to those with character and spice of individuality to them. Several cuts and designs now permeate fashion stores with unique embellishments and features such as:

  • Glitter gel, flocking or 3D graphics
  • Body fringes, high low cuts, asymmetrical cuts and crop designs
  • Magazine print, animal print, checker designs and geometrical patterns
  • Monochrome colors and wild and bold colour combinations
  • Italicized, block or tailor-made fonts strategically placed on the top

Tips on How to find Plus Size Graphic Tops that will Turn Heads

How to pick an impressionable and unforgettable graphic top might sound difficult and an overwhelming task, but believe me, it is not. Shopping is second nature to any woman and with these few tips and tricks, you will enjoy every step of the way. There certainly lies a world of delightful finds, so let’s plunge in!

Tip 1: Embrace your Goofy and ‘Weird’ side

There are several sources of inspiration to help in the selection of a statement graphic top. Your favourite Rock Band, Hollywood movie star, athlete, trending BlockBuster or Netflix Series, just to name a few. However, very few look inside themselves to find inspiration. Our goofy, odd, child-like, not so polished or sophisticated side is one of the innumerable advantages you can harness to pick out a memorable outfit.

Picking pieces that seem unconventional and contrary to how you would normally project yourself on typical days, will be a delightful start. You definitely will turn heads when your close friends, family members or loved one see you rocking an unexpected piece. If you are child-like at heart, pick a t-shirt that highlights that aspect of you, if you are spontaneous or carefree- pick something totally random and unpredictable. If you are ‘rebellious’ to societal norms and don’t like to be boxed in or dictated upon look for a piece that will project that. At the end of the day, go for an unexpected, unpredictable look that reflects the hidden parts of you!

Tip 2: Be authentic, wear your heart on your tee – literally

There’s nothing more beautiful than an authentic person. How we view, interpret and handle things distinguishes us from every other person in the world. Pick pieces that vividly and accurately project how you feel in a given moment. It is one thing to walk around with a t-shirt that reads ‘I am happy’ and entirely another to wear one that reads ‘Happy – please… I am Damn Happy!’ Each conveys the same message of joy and happiness, however, the latter is less standardized and very vivid and authentic in expression.

Tip 3: If you love controversy – have at it!

Controversy brews unsolicited attention. You definitely will get a lot of reaction and attention wearing a top on some controversial topic. Pick a top whose message tends to push some buttons and elicit some reaction. However, don’t go too far with it, you may end up creating eternal enemies if you are not careful.

Tip 4: Old School is the way to go!

Old school fashion styles and streaks are still alive and well. Wearing a top with the ’50s or 60’s theme will most likely turn heads because these fashion eras are well known and fondly thought of by the majority of the population. A graphic top with a picture of Elvis Presley, for instance, will most certainly turn heads and elicit a nostalgic and fond reaction.

If you are a diehard fan of new school genres, styles and art. You still can pull off an unforgettable look. However, you may have to do some homework to find out what fashion styles, music genres or forms of art or entertainment are widely popular. Wearing unique graphic tops themed according to contemporary fashion and styles may also suffice.

Tip 5: Simple delicately placed graphics

Many people are intrigued by simplicity – to the extent that some consider it an art. As opposed to some bright -coloured Dracula graphic top, a top with a simple font, message and style may also elicit a lot more interest, keenness and reaction.

Also, play around with the placement of your graphics. As opposed to having graphics sit right at the centre of your bust area, pick pieces that have graphics around the sleeves, the lower half of the top or are asymmetrically placed. However simple and clean-cut your graphic top is, ensure that it is eye-catching, intriguing and therefore commands attention.

Tip 6: Be Artsy

Wearing a top that embodies a particular form of art such as renown paintings and sculptures, musical syllables of legendary songs or even a pencil sketch of yourself may be all that you need to turn heads. However, this may need you to have your t-shirt custom made as opposed to buying it off the counter.

Things to Note

With all the options mentioned above, you need to bear in mind a few things while shopping.

  • Don’t shop cheap, shop quality– When shopping for a plus size graphic t-shirt or top always ensure that you purchase those with durable quality fabrics. You wouldn’t want to waste your investment on a graphic top that will shrink, fade or stretch enormously upon the first wash.
  • Pick tops with cuts that flatter your frame– Simply having a unique graphic top will not suffice in making an impression or splurge on the social scene. How the top fits and sits on your frame is equally important to make an unforgettable impression. Being plus size you can opt for tops that come with some elasticity on the lower half or strings to pull on to create a synch just above your natural waistline, giving an appearance of a narrower waist. Cropped tops can also be incorporated. The shortness of the top gives an optical illusion of a shorter torso and its loose fit gives an illusion of a narrower waistline.
  • Have Fun– Don’t be too stringent with yourself. Just as their ‘rules’ to plus size fashion there are always exceptions to the same. Fashion do’s and don’ts are not cast in stone. They are purely subjective and thus prone to change. Don’t be afraid to try something new or something ‘way out of your league’ explore your options and have fun!
  • Where you can – Custom-make – A custom made t-shirt ensures originality and uniqueness. Any graphic, wording or cuts will be unique and specific only to you. If you are a creative genius or know someone who is, this is definitely an option to explore.

How to Style your Graphic Top

1. Let it be the statement piece

Wear your top with a neutral coloured skirt or pair of denim. Alternatively, you can contrast your top with a bright or dark pair of skirt, jeans or leggings. The choice is yours! Avoid too much jewellery which may take away from the focus on the top. Keep your jewellery and makeup minimal and merely complementary to your graphic top.

2. Knots and Tucks

Knots are an ingenious way to add structure and a touch of style to any top. Play around with different knot positions and knot sizes to see what flatters your frame. Tucks can also spice up your graphic top and make it pop. Avoid a full tuck and explore other styles of tucks- a French tuck or a half front tuck for instance.

3. Sunglasses

These add to the relaxed and laid back vibe you want to exude. Sunglasses can really transform any outfit from ordinary to extraordinary in an instant. Pick sunglasses complementary to your face shape and that stylishly resonates with the theme or concept of your plus size graphic top.

4. Sleeve folds and rolls

This is another simple yet innovative way to add some character to your outfit. Just roll up your sleeves till your convenient and desirable length and you are ready to go! For a short sleeve top, a simple fold would be all that is needed to optically emphasize any wording or pictures along the length of your fold. Additionally, this trick helps to emphasize any graphic that sits across the end of your fold, it particularly gives some pop to graphics placed around the bust area.

5. Throw a blazer on and don’t button up

Blazers can be both formal and informal. Pick a blazer of your choice, any can do really. Throw it on and have it open to reveal your graphic top. You can choose to have a neutral coloured blazer or one that is stripped to make your graphic top more radiant and vibrant.

Where to shop for Plus Size Graphic T-shirts

Several designers and brands offer plus size graphic t-shirts. A simple search on the web will suffice to show the numerous range of options and designs available. Here are a few sites that you can kick start your search for that unforgettable plus size graphic top.

  1. Chic Soul
  2. Target
  3. Etsy

Final Thoughts

Plus size graphic tops are fun, stylish and expressive. They can come in handy in any informal occasion such as dates, a vacation, a day full of errands, an evening out with friends and the like. Be sure to express yourself in the most authentic, ingenious, or humorous way possible by picking a show-stopping graphic tee. Remember, your top does not need to be excessively coloured with large prints to stand out, just a few tips and tricks will turn any graphic top into a state of the art fashion piece. With the above tips, you can be sure to easily identify various plus size graphic tops in various styles that will turn heads. Cheers!

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