Full Figured Hourglass Outfits That Will Make Them Look Twice

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Want to wow any onlooker? To leave an indelible mark on anyone who sees you? Picking fashionable, classic and timeless pieces may just do the trick. Women who look put together and stylish are esteemed, admired and considered highly attractive. With so many fashion options available, here are ways to dress to impress.

The salient trick to wow in any full-figured hourglass outfit is to balance your upper and lower body proportions. That way you can substantially control what the eye will zoom in on and what it will be distracted from.

Balance is created by picking outfits that have great structure and fit. Additionally, outfits that make a lasting impression are those that have unique features that make them stand out from the rest. As they say, the devil is in the details. It is the little things that you do that make a world of a difference in your outfit. The little belt that you throw on, the front tuck, the hem fold all contribute greatly to spice up any outfit and make you a formidable fashion queen.

Here are some full-figured hourglass outfits that you can try on that will make any onlooker look twice!

Evening Wear

Looking to have a fantastic night out with your girlfriends? Or a romantic getaway with your significant other? These sassy outfits will definitely turn heads once you show up.

Outfit 1: Brightly Colored Short Puffy Sleeved dress with an umpire waist effect

Forget the LBD (Little Black Dress), it’s okay to play with color once in a while. Colour is a girl’s best friend and especially bright colors which effortlessly grab the attention of any onlooker. Pick a bright red or turquoise, champagne or a shiny and sparkly colored material for this outfit. Pick colors that exude confidence, power, control, happiness and strong sex appeal.

Short dresses are ideal for any full-figured silhouette. They sit a considerable height above your knees thus highlighting your thighs and legs and distracting from your belly area. They are also great in visually elongating your frame thus making you appear longer and narrower. Puffy sleeves are another stylish feature to have on any outfit. The puff around the shoulder gives a playful aura which doubles up to conceal any flabby arm fat you may have. The puff sleeves also give structure to the entire dress and make it pop out. Preferably go for a long sleeve, this way an appealing contrast is created between the long length of the sleeve and the shortness of the dress.

Lastly, pick a dress that has a defined high waistline or an umpire effect. This highlights the narrowest part of your waist and thus gives structure and balance to your frame. For this look, check out Sheln Women’s Plus Size Mesh Pencil Dress.

Outfit 2: Bodycon dress

This timeless dress remains a widely acclaimed statement piece in fashion. To select the perfect Body Con dress, have regard to:

  • The length of the neckline
  • Any additional accessories such as accompanying fabric belts or ruching around the belly area
  • The colour of the dress

Body cons dresses are designed to hug every curve on your body. Being full-figured this may not necessarily be ideal as there are some parts you would prefer to conceal. If you have a voluptuous bust, preferably go for a spoon necked body con as opposed to a turtle neck one. This will balance out your bust area and minimize any provocative and excessively ‘protruding’ effect. Other necklines such as a V neck or even a plunging neckline are also recommendable.

Opt for body cons with additional accessories and embellishments. These little enhancements will make your outfit stand out. Cuts such as bare backs or batman winged sleeves are exceptional. For evening wear, you can pick a solid colour or patterned body con dress. Solid colours tend to smoothen you out, whereas patterns tend to distract the eye thus draw attention from areas you would want to conceal.

For a fashionable body con dress check out Target’s women’s double-slit body con dress.

Office Wear

For work, a high degree of sophistication and decency is expected. However, this doesn’t mean that work outfits should be boring.

Outfit 3: High Waisted wide-legged pants | Chiffon blouse| Blazer

Try on a structured pair of wide-legged pants. High waisted pants are useful in firming and smoothening your belly. A chiffon blouse is a classic piece that adds a sophisticated touch to the outfit. Preferably pick a white blouse that you can easily tuck into your high waisted pants. Again, go for tops with additional details such as lace, cute buttons, or a ribbon foiled neckline, this will make the outfit unique. Throw on a well-tailored and structured blazer. Ensure that the blazer drops over your hips as opposed to midway or above your hips. This will help give your curves the necessary coverage and thus give you a modest yet chic appearance. Like this pant on Amazon.

Outfit 4: A Monochrome 3 piece suit

Monochrome suits are back bigger and better. The beauty of monochrome outfits is their ability to create a one-piece illusion which tends to draw the eye to the whole ‘piece’ in general and not to any particular body part.

A three-piece suit worn with a matching blouse inside may be just what you need to create a lasting impression. Preferably have the suit tailor-made for you. Alternatively, you can purchase one but have it adjusted by your tailor to a perfect fit. With a three-piece suit, not much detail or flamboyant embellishments are needed. The simplicity of the outfit is what makes it stand out.

As a rule of the thumb, have lighter shades or hues of the same colour on your upper body and darker shades on your lower half. This way, there will be some definition between your upper and lower body proportions without taking away from the oneness of the overall look. You can pair this piece with a pair of stiletto heels for a grand effect.

Casual Wear

Everyone loves to dress down every once in a while but still look chic. Having the right smart-casual outfits as your default go to will not only save on time but will give you multiple options that you can mix and match for a unique new look on every occasion.

Outfit 5: Midi skirt | Plain white t-shirt | hat

Midi skirts are amazing for hourglass shapes. They give the right emphasis on your curves and also an air of decency. If you are not a fan of midi skirts you can opt for a denim mini skirt instead. Denim Miniskirts are also instrumental in highlighting your legs and have a cool and relaxed feel to them. While picking any short skirt, opt for those that move away from your body as opposed to those that cling to your hips, butt and thighs. A-line skirts can be a perfect option and even straight skirts can just do the trick.

A plain white tee is an indispensable piece and can be worn with close to anything in your wardrobe (well, apart from your office suits). Their diversity and ease in styling make them convenient for casual wear. Pair your skirt with a white tee and tuck it in at the front. For effect, you may want to tie something around your waist for added definition. Alternatively, you can tie a knot at the front so that the t-shirt can be more fitting and thus highlight your curvy frame. Toss a hat on and a pair of boots and you are good to go.

Outfit 6: Jeans and structured peplum top

Jeans are staple casual wear pieces. Everyone loves a good pair of jeans. Ensure that your pair is well-fitting and designed for a curvy frame. These denim jeans come with excellent proportion allowances, are forgiving to fat bulges and lumps and come with the requisite support in the right areas. For this look, advisedly, go for a boot-cut, straight leg or a wide-legged pair of jeans.

Opt for a structured top which will give you the right definition in the right areas. Tops with loose sleeves or structured necklines are fantastic. Peplum tops give an appealing appearance of a synched waist and a flared out bottom which helps to highlight your hips and curves.

Visit Jessica London to view their comfort waistband jeans and peplum lace top.

Summer Wear

We both can agree that summertime is the best. There is so much life, laughter, fun and colour all around us. Summer comes with great opportunity to dress up and show up in style. Due to the hot weather, outfits should be kept light and layers should be incorporated only if necessary. Before you step out in any of the outfits below make sure you reach out for some sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat.

Outfit 7: Stripped Rompers

Rompers come in a wide range of options and designs, from simple to detailed, short to long and casual to extremely sophisticated. Heading to the beach? Pick a casual romper that highlights your legs and defines your waistline. Stripes are also timeless fashion staples and if worn correctly can revolutionize any look. For larger full-figured women, go for thinner stripes that run vertically across the length of your outfit. Vertical stripes not only make you appear taller but also optically slim you down.

Visit Amazon to view SheKiss women spaghetti strap summer striped romper.

Outfit 8: High slit summer Dress

Slits can be amazing additions to any dress. A side slit gives the needed exposure to your legs and adds some structure to the overall appearance of the dress. Floral dresses are popular especially during the summer, however, to turn heads, pick a dress that has unique cuts such as off shoulders or plunging V necklines, side cuts and even bare backs. You may alternatively want to steer clear from floral prints altogether and go for patterned or solid colour dresses, either will work perfectly well.

For a chiffon white off-shoulder summer dress visit Amazon for Vansha Women’s Boho Off Shoulder Strapless Slit Maxi Dress.

Special Occasions

Whether it is a wedding, a baby shower, a cocktail party or graduation party, you can look exquisite in the following outfits.

Outfit 9: Lace flared Midi Dress

Midi dresses are perfect in skimming over your curves and giving just the needed highlight without overdoing things. A dress with a flared hem and ruffle sleeve will be a good start. For something chic and comfortable, check out Romwe’s Plus Size chiffon Belted Cocktail Midi Dress.

Outfit 10: Full-length V-neck Chiffon dress

Full-length dresses are versatile and can be worn in various functions or purposes such as bridesmaid, mother of the bride, or even an evening dress. A V-neck will give the needed pop around your bust region that will help draw the eye in and away from your belly area or voluminous hips. For a flowy floor-length chiffon dress, check out Ever –Pretty’s Women Plus Size double V-neck dress at Amazon.

Additional tips

Ready to go? Not so fast, here are some additional tips to pull off any of the coveted outfits listed above.

1. Invest in quality undergarments- not just shape wears – Undergarments affect how your apparel will sit on your frame. Pick undergarments that are comfortable to wear and give you the requisite support.

2. Accessorize – The right accessories that suit the occasion will make any outfit stellar. Jewellery, wide belts, scarfs and handbags can be incorporated into any outfit for a smooth finesse finish.

3. Shoes- Never overlook what you wear on your feet. Shoes are equally as important as your outfit. Shoes can play up or play down a look and in most instances distinguish between the pros and beginners in fashion.

4. Fabric -Take advantage of fabrics that are both stretchy and structured. Apparel that has some elasticity in them are good as they can accommodate more layers underneath and at the same time snuggly and comfortably fit you.

Final Thoughts

Forget about dressing down your curves, instead work with what you have. Learning to use various pieces to accentuate and highlight the right areas may take some time, however, with these outfit options, you need not stress about it. Look and feel beautiful with any or all of the 10 options, because you deserve it!

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