10 Ways to Hide Bra Back Fat

bra back fat
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Back fat is typified by excess fat build-up in particular areas of your core. Usually, it is subdivided into three prime areas namely the upper, mid, and lower back – with portions of it manifesting around the chest sides and under the arms. When it appears in the lower region, it is referred to as love handles.

Back fat, to some extent, is expected not only in women but also in men. Even with diligent work out sessions, some degree of bulge is normal. As for plus size women, because of general large body weight, the back fat tends to be exaggerated in proportion thus causing conspicuous rolls to hang out from the exterior. This is often unattractive and can at times become embarrassing.

Cutting back on some of that tissue is most, if not every woman’s desire. Obtaining a smooth toned rear would automatically mean a splurge of confidence and decreased need to hide under layers of clothing. How then can you do that? The simple tips revolve around dressing in the appropriate inner garments, working out, and eating right.

Taking care of your body will set you up for better appearances and a healthy lifestyle altogether. This article aims at equipping you with practical guidelines on how you can attack fat in all the undesired spots, and gain that reshaped frame. Keep reading for more details!

Reasons Why You Have Bra Bulge

Bra bulge appears for many reasons, most of which are derived from a common baseline – poor body care. As much as genetic composition plays a vital role in how our physiques play out, there is always something extra you can do to structure your body in a manner that you like.

According to professional trainers;

Tight pectorals can result in a disproportionate back. These are the muscles that connect the front of your chest with your shoulder and upper arm. When they are overly rigid, they force your shoulders to slump forward, creating a bad posture. Bra bulge plays up overtime with incorrect postures. The correct way to go about it is to strengthen your shoulder blades by working out the pec area. Once you have your pose right, you will notice that the mounts of flesh begin to die down.

An underdeveloped midsection can also contribute to a disproportionate back. Everyone naturally suffers from this issue until they decide to rectify it. The mid-back needs to be stretched every now and then in order to burn down a healthy amount of fat. The muscles here also contribute towards attaining a vertical posture.

Not to forget, increased underarm flaps and fat around the breast area equally worsen back rolls.

To address the bulge, click here for a step-by-step video tutorial on how you can stretch out the affected muscles right from the comfort of your home.

10 Ways to Hide Bra Back Fat

The best way to deal with bra back fat is to conceal it. As mentioned earlier, you are likely to retain some level of back fat even after keeping up with thorough exercises. So, whether you’d like to find out more about the leftover that protrudes through your bra, or prefer to find a quick fix to the same, then this is just for you.

Here are some simple tricks;

1. Wear a shaper – For a plus girl, this is the most effective tool. Bras are functional but are no match to a trim body shaper. It adds to the overall smoothness while giving an illusion of a tight core. Shapers come in many designs customized to suit your preference.

You can opt for:

  • An open bust body shaper that doesn’t flatten out your boobs. It leaves it open for you to pick a good push up bra to wear.
  • A posture corrector which focuses on your shoulder muscles while also encouraging you to sit up straight.
  • Arm correctors – they extend to the arms, slimming down the fat underneath.
  • Corsets – a corset is not only good for your abs but back too. As they cinch in your waist, the backside equally benefits from a stronghold in. They can be adjusted for further tightening or flexibility.
  • Shaping vests – they are designed similar to a corset structure but are fitted with straps for additional lift. In short, your whole torso is well supported with extra attention below your neck.
  • A long line bra – this cut pushes down past your regular bra length. Normally it ends at the waist with other versions extending all the way to your hips.

2. Go for a full coverage bra – this is the kind that securely holds your bust with more fabric. They are thicker than traditional bras, which were customized to thin straps and lesser material. A full-coverage bra leaves out less skin, giving you a more tucked in upper back. One of the ways to identify a full coverage bra is when you spot consistent material across the back and sides.

3. U shaped bras/leotard back – Such a bra is made with its straps closely fitted together at an angle that pins the surrounding flesh toward the bottom center. This design is both comfortable and strategic hence you are spared from unexpected bra slippage. At the same time, it gives you firm support all round.

4. Racerbacks – the name racer bras can be interchanged with T back or Y back bras. All work towards giving you more cover around the spots most targeted by back fat (pecs). They come with an extensive flannel that curves out in a T or Y shape, ending slightly above your mid waistline. Racerbacks are a great option under sleeveless tops because they do not show the straps.

5. Taller and wider bra wings – These bras are oftentimes preferred because they blend well with most clothing, and you need not worry about visible markings and cuts. However, it doesn’t work well with compressing the back. You may want to consider owning a pair or two made with broader wings for heavy-duty.

Also, go for thicker straps as opposed to slender ones. Bras straps account for about 10% of support while the rest is taken care of by the band. None the less, broader bra wings paired with slender straps poses another hurdle towards realizing a toned back.

6. Never compromise on fitting– the idea that going up a size will help address the problem is nothing but a myth. Ill-fitting bras will only slide up against your back causing the tissues to create a lump elsewhere. This means that the bra creates bulk in those areas that are not normally supposed to register as much. We discuss bra spillage here.

Conversely, a too-tight band will push your skin and fat outwards, creating lumps. The more looses skin you have hanging around, the worse the effect. To avoid this, stick to a proper fit that accommodates your bust right. A bra should snug you but not feel overly tight and uncomfortable.

7. Replace your old bras – a very old bra loses elasticity and slims the chances of you appearing sucked in. There is no exact time frame as to how long you should take to replace your bra, but obvious signs should tell you when you need to make a trip to the lingerie store.

Take a look at some of the common indicators of depleted fabric quality;

  • When the back band starts to ride up even when fastened onto the last hole.
  • When the straps begin to fall off regularly.
  • If your cup padding starts to register permanent creases and crinkles.
  • Disintegration of fabric ie: holes or tears.
  • Sweat stains that cause discoloration and refuse to come off.
  • When the underwire begins to poke out or dig into your skin.
  • When your bra is not supportive as it was when you first got it.

8. Dress in a V-shaped back – bra back fat can also be downplayed by the choice of clothing. In this case, a V neck cut at the back is best for elongating your torso. It creates a deep plunge, exposing just a moderate amount of skin before finishing off. The placement of the V on any clothing is its strongest selling point.

Whether on tops or dresses, this cut is positioned fairly at the center, around the spine area. Usually, on the upper back, fat tends to collect on the edges of the skin; so you are less likely to display unsightly bumps with a V back. Plus it does not extend too far down.

9. Wear stretchy fabric – On chubby girls, flexible fabric works better than rigid materials. An extreme body-hugging top will only make your fat rolls bulge out all the more. It is advisable to go for tops that are close fitting but not those with an extremely tight grip. Tunic is a good example of a fabric that does wonders in shaping the body to look more contoured. Refrain from 100% cotton tops because they leave no room for expansion.

10. Black garments – black shades are powerful when it comes to creating a slim effect. Other solid colors can work the trick, but none matches up to the result that black affords. An enchanting charcoal top equally elongates your upper half, making it appear longer than it actually is. If you are afraid of looking too dull you can always break up your outfit with shimmery earrings, lipstick color, a bright necklace, or a pop of color at the bottom.

5 Ways to Hide Back Fat with Plus Size Bridal Gowns

Every bride wishes to steal the spotlight on her wedding day. Considering that you might only get one shot at it, it is only sensible to acquire a dress that highlights your best body features. Full-size girls experience harder times at landing the perfect gown because of exterior insecurities. Other than just wearing the right bra, you need to give thought to the back details.

Thankfully, there are a couple of ways in which you can go about it. First being a wider strap. Pick a gown that doesn’t take to spaghetti-like straps. If you would like to spruce it up, have your straps widest at the base as they thin out progressively. It still helps to camouflage the most prominent fat deposits. Today’s gowns are trending in the strapless design, but that shouldn’t stop you from making any necessary changes that will make you feel more beautiful.

The second option would be a full or semi sleeve dress. It helps to take care of flabby arms while still giving you a flattering appeal. Ensure that the sleeve material differs from that of the gown, to avoid monotony. You can incorporate lovely prints and sleeve finishes that will make you look all the more elegant.

A jacket or bolero is another way to disguise chubby underarms. The secret is to keep the material light, so a chiffon or net fabric will work perfectly. You can always get material that blends well with your gown from your bridal store; and have your tailor customize it to your taste. The length of the bolero can be up to your elbows or higher if you prefer.

In case you would like a full-dress free of extra additions, consider a corset gown. They are designed with a shaper underneath that works just as well as an undergarment. Some brides prefer to do a shaper underneath a corset bridal gown for more suction; the only problem with this is that you might pre-create a swelling.

Two layers of tight clothing will cause the skin to push up as opposed to laying flat. It is better to make tighter adjustments with your gown if you feel like you need more support. Keep the back of your dress busy with relatively large bows- it helps smoothen the entire look.

Once you have settled on your wedding gown, here is a simple trick you can use to avoid back cleavage. It is not abnormal to have a wedding dress fit perfectly but at the same time have it push in your back skin from both sides. This normally creates a depression, which is simply referred to as back cleavage.

To counter it, ensure that you first fasten your corset before following through with the zip. After that, have someone push your skin outwards and in a forward direction continuously, until the cleavage disappears. You will notice a huge difference.

How to reduce Back Bulge

General body workout will help melt away a good chunk of fat. Spot reduction exercises may come up short of the desired results because it is practically impossible to do away with lumps only in certain areas, while still holding on to some in other parts of your body. You should target your entire physique as the procedure addresses all areas buffed up with too much fat.

For a start, consider these trained movements that aim places highly susceptible to back fat. Yes, hit the gym girl! We both know how tempting it is to slack on home exercises, so unless you have mastered enough discipline, a formal training set-up will do you good.

Diet and nutrition should be your next priority. It is not as hard to lose the fat; the real challenge comes in maintaining your new body shape and size. Without a solid diet plan in place you may slip right back into the same hole you struggled so hard to crawl out of. Work closely with a nutritionist or your trainer for an up-close idea of what you should be feeding your body.

As per health reports, you are supposed to increase your fat intake; healthy fats for that matter. I know it sounds unrealistic to beat fat with more fat but there is how it works. High estrogen levels in the body are partially responsible for generating plump. This is the same fat that accumulates and sits right in those ugly spots.

Therefore, to counter that, you need to introduce a diet that produces low estrogen and instead increases testosterone levels. Surprisingly, ladies too have a percentage of that male hormone, only in smaller quantities. A higher fat diet is the key to unlocking more testosterone in your body. You shouldn’t worry about looking all masculine because the female body naturally has a way of regulating that. Regardless of how hard you train, theoretically, it is almost impossible to build as much muscle as the male gender.

In that case, incorporate a rich amount of coconut oil, olive oils, and avocados in your foods. You are advised to balance your calorie intake in this manner; about 5% of carbs, 15% of proteins, and 70% fats. Throw in some whole fiber foods too, as it helps increase your energy levels and detoxifies your system at the same time.

Cut down on added sugars. In fact, if you can totally refrain from the same. Added sugars are found in sweetened beverages, candy bars, pastry foods such as cookies et cetera. Aside from initiating a long string of heart-related complications, too much of it also amplifies belly fat. Natural sugars found in fruits are okay but anything artificial or processed will send you down an unhealthy road.

Start on cardio, if you haven’t already. Cardio is the most effective body workout that focuses on burning body fat. It is a holistic train which does well to speed up your heart rate. Ensure that you always start with at least a 5 min warm-up before delving into the routine. For maximum results, implement the High Intensity Interval Training Method (HIIT).

Just as the name insinuates, this method is based on a jolt of high speed for the first few minutes before bringing it down to a slower pace. So say you have a 30 min cardio session planned out, once you complete your stretch, subdivide the minutes into intervals of 10. For the first five minutes, try as much to keep the pace intense; run in the highest speed possible then begin to cool it off from the 6th minute. This technique maximizes on your capabilities and helps you develop a fast steady pace over time.

For you to realize fruition, you have to be consistent. A trip to the gym once or twice a week will prolong your results. Plan properly and free up your schedule. A good sweat will actually help increase your concentration spans during work hours. If you can bring up the gym visits to about 4 or 5 times a week, you are well on your way to achieving a sculptured back and body. Aerobics also does help to keep your heart pumping, so consider that as a beginner if cardio is not yet an option for you.

Health tips

  • Stay hydrated through the day with generous water intake.
  • Avoid stress and unnecessary anxiety.
  • Sleep for enough hours.
  • Keep your body mobile throughout the day with short walks or a step tracker.
  • Reduce too much alcohol intake as it has been found to have a close association with obesity.

Related questions

1. What is the best shapewear for a plus size? – Body shapers that are limited to specific areas of your back could leave you with visible rolls or bumps. It is better to go for a full-body suit rather than an arm shaper or a long line bra that ends at the waistline. Remember, you also want to address those love handles so choose something that reaches past your abdomen.

2. Can walking by itself help reduce back fat? – Independently it is not as efficient. It needs the backing of a more intense exercise or else you might as well call it quits. It takes a mild exercise in conjunction with vigorous one to shape you into a modest size, free of surplus plump.

3. Can I revamp my bra for longer use? – It is possible to make adjustments when your bra is not utterly destroyed. However, once the fabric is damaged there is no coming back from that. At best, you can only reuse the band hooks or strap clippers for a different bra.

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