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10 Ways Plus Size Models Keep a Flat Stomach and Shapely Figure

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Within the past decade, the term “plus size model” has taken on a whole new meaning.  It has become synonymous with sexy, healthy, vibrant and just downright delicious.  Plus size models are boasting their voluptuous hour-glass figures, complete with tone, definition and…..flat stomachs.  Wait, what? But how?

Plus-size models keep a flat stomach and shapely figure by staying hydrated, drinking minty teas, sweating away toxins, the use of vinegar, green tea, High-Intensity Interval Training, leg exercises, fresh fruit, no carbohydrates, and core training.

The Holy Grail of Flat Mid-Sections

1. Sip, sip away.

We all know the amazing benefits of staying properly hydrated.  But who wants to feel like guzzling a gallon of water in one sitting?  According to a medically reviewed study conducted by Dr. Elaine K. Luo, Internal Medicine, drinking water throughout the day is crucial to the process of metabolizing stored fat, otherwise known as lipolysis.  The first step to lipolysis is hydrolysis, which happens when water molecules interact with fat and the magic of fat burning happens.  This is not only good for the digestive system but helps flush excess fat from the body, resulting in a flatter tummy. 

2. The mintier, the merrier

Peppermint tea is not only great for freshening up coffee breath, it also naturally eliminates excess air in the digestive system.  I highly recommend Organic Peppermint Tea by Traditional Medicinals.  Enjoy a cup before bedtime to ensure you will wake up feeling light and refreshed.  It’s also a great alternative to that morning cappuccino! 

3. Get to sweatin’!

Yes, most of us hate feeling sweaty, but it is another way for the body to push out toxins, including excess fat.  During this process, the body also rids itself of all the unused salt that has been stored up.  Too much salt in the body also contributes to the belly bloat from water retention! Try soaking in a hot bath with Dr. Teal’s Lavender Epsom Salt Soak, sitting in your favorite sauna for twenty minutes, or just doing a half-hour of high-intensity cardio. 

4. A touch of vinegar. 

Most belly bloat is caused by unprocessed proteins or lingering air.  Gross, huh? Don’t worry, add some balsamic vinegar dressing to your next salad. Vinegar is a natural antacid which means it cuts down on gases and helps metabolize proteins.  Your belly will thank you.

5. Go green!  

Ok, we’re not talking about paperless billing here. Green tea is full of antioxidants and fat burning agents that help keep that belly flab at bay.  The Republic of Tea, Organic Green Tea is an excellent green tea that is packed with all the good stuff to kick start your metabolism after a meal and banish that belly fat. 

6. H.I.I.T It! 

Pressed for time but need to work out?  Try High-Intensity Interval Training.  It’s short and sweet, but will have you sweating bullets by the end!  Doing short intervals of high-intensity exercises followed by 45 seconds of rest will maximize your metabolic burn long after you’re done. The science behind H.I.I.T. workouts is that shifting the body between intense and moderate exercise actually kicks the metabolism into overdrive. 

7. Start your engines.

The “engine” of the body is actually the largest muscle group – the quadriceps!  That explains all the focus on squats, lunges, and box jumps!  Taking 10 – 15 minutes each morning to get a burn in your quads will rev up your metabolism for the day, and give you those sexy sculpted thighs. Feeling pressed for time in the mornings?  No problem! A 15-minute leg session at the end of your day combining squats and lunges will increase blood flow to the legs and give you a boost of energy for your evening activities.  

8. Get to the core. 

I look at the core of the body like a tree trunk.  It’s stable, it’s firm and it can withstand just about anything.  The core of the body is also the anchor.  It helps control every movement that you make.  Keep your core strong and lean with simple core exercises like Roman twists and leg lifts. This will also enhance that sexy coveted hour-glass shape.  

9. Rise and eat.

I get it.  You have a life, you’re busy, you don’t have time for that lavish bed and breakfast.  But waiting until you’re starving to have your first meal will make that tummy look puffy!  An empty stomach causes acid to interact with excess air in the digestive tract. Be easy. Keep fresh fruit in the kitchen to grab and go when you’re in a rush. 

10. Say no to bubbles.

Sorry, not sorry!  Highly carbonated drinks add excess air in the digestive tract.  Keep it simple when toasting, and make sure you follow up that glass with an acidic appetizer like bruschetta, fresh olives or a small salad with a vinegar-based dressing. 

All About the Genes

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One very important fact to remember is that when it comes to body types, it’s all about the genes!  The truth is, most plus size models with flat stomachs generally don’t have to put forth much effort at all. They are born with bodies that collect excess fat around the breasts, hips and thighs, resulting in thinner faces and stomachs. 

This body type is known as an endomorph, the type that tends to collect more fat in what some consider to be the best places but also has a natural tendency to be shaped out around the midsection.  I know, it’s not fair!  I have heard the slogan that you can’t out-train genes, and I 100% believe that!  But you can do a bit of extra work to trick the body into achieving a flat midsection naturally.

More Body Types Explained


There are two other main body types.  The ectomorph is often referred to as the body that doesn’t store a lot of fat.  This body type tends to be muscular and thin, often struggling to get that “bulky, sculpted” look. These are the ones who can eat you out of house and home, and still keep a slim figure. People with this body type generally need to consume a lot of calories in order to build and maintain muscle.  

The mesomorph is typically the more muscular body type.  People with this body have absolutely no problem building muscle, and, to add insult to injury, they also rarely have an issue carrying too much fat.  These people are usually the bodybuilders or the IG models that you look at and drool over during your Monday morning coffee. Mesomorphs burn fat constantly due to their muscular makeup.  


Let’s Talk About Stress

Have you ever jumped on the scale and noticed that the numbers have creeped up significantly, but you couldn’t figure out exactly why?  You wrecked your brain trying to figure out what all have you been eating to cause those extra pounds to pack on?  Well, here’s a brief word about why that may have happened:  STRESS. 

All of us experience some level of stress on a day-to-day basis.  Simply put, the medical definition of stress is that moment the body goes into “fight or flight” mode during a critical time.  For most of us, the “fight” is usually a stand down and we end up with a bunch of trapped adrenaline and its lovely counterpart, cortisol. 

Cortisol is the stress hormone that can cause significant weight gain.  It is the hormone that temporarily shuts down what the body considers to be non-essential functions:  metabolism, digestion, food absorption, and immune system (YIKES!). According to a study done by researchers at Ohio State University, higher stress levels are linked to greater levels of abdominal fat. 

Don’t be discouraged! Take a moment to self reflect. If you can identify areas where you are highly stressed, make a point to start the elimination process.  Focus on each day, being more and more stress-free.  Also, remember that cardio we talked about earlier?  Episodes of cardio exercise do wonders for lowering stress levels, therefore helping that midsection stay sexy! Want more? Check out our top picks.

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