10 Quick Plus Size Exercises You Can Do at Home

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Exercising may prove an uphill task when you’re carrying extra weight. The pain and physical discomfort that accompanies it can make the whole idea off-putting. Nevertheless, a workout routine offers lots of benefits not only for your body but also mind and soul. This probably explains why your doctor is ever on the go with matters of healthy living.

If you’re workouts get you more scared than feeling empowered, you might want to check your exercise regimen. It’s never a good idea to go full throttle on vigorous activities, especially if you are new to the game or have spent quite some time outside the gym.

Quick plus size exercises should be your priority as you condition your body for tougher routines. They involve low impact workouts; those that won’t strain your joints as much, but at the same time still give your upper and lower body muscles a good stretch. Brief workout sessions are meant to last only a few minutes but above all be doable, which is an outcry for most curvy girls! If it’s your desire to hop onto that bandwagon through the help of practical, day to day exercises, worry no more. This piece comes as a remedy to all your work out snags.

Now that the thought of hitting the gym can be intimidating, you can always start from the comfort of your home, using the available resources or simply your body weight. Listed below are great ideas that you can improvise or tweak to suit your level. Remember a change of body, is a change of life, so I suggest you get ready for a complete turnaround!

What You will Need

At the base level, you need a sturdy work-out gear.

Do not hesitate to invest in premium brands that provide long-lasting items. It makes a difference in the kind of attire you dress in while preparing for a workout. If you look sloppy, the same energy translates to your exercise, dampening the whole mood. So dress accordingly and get ready for a good sweat.

Before any exercise, warm up your body with a few stretches. Do some shoulder rolls, a few butt kicks, bends, a gentle march; anything that will wake your body from its dormant state. Once your heartbeat picks up, you can indulge in the following.

Quick Plus Size Exercises

woman doing plus size exercises
Woman doing crunches

Leg workouts

1. Side steps – this is a simple routine that involves leg movements while the hands are held together in a stationary position. The secret is to keep your abdominals tight and engaged at all times. Once a healthy number of reps have been done, switch positions to the opposite side. You can opt to throw in some extra weights if you like but even with none, it works just fine.

2. Leg lifts/ raises – like the name suggests, it involves lifting your lower half from the ground up. So first, get down to the floor in a horizontal posture, legs together. Proceed to raise them towards the ceiling to about a 45-degree angle (or higher), before lowering them. They shouldn’t quite touch the floor on the way down, but only come as closely possible, after which you will repeat the entire process. It’s advisable to try squeeze in your glutes while at it.

Just for extra support ensure your hands are placed under the butt as you do the exercise. The beauty of leg lifts is that it also helps deal with a hanging stomach. If you’re doing it correctly, you should feel some sort of pull around this area, which is a good sign that your lower stomach is being toned as well.

3. Knee lifts – essentially the higher you lift, the better it is, but it shouldn’t depress you if you are unable to go past a certain point. Start with what you can do as you challenge yourself to new goals.

A more intense version of knee lifts would be what I call high-stepping. It is similar to the former only that you will appear to be running on the spot while pulling your knees as high possible with each step. Let your arms get involved too and give ample time to each set.

Arm Workouts

To tackle flabby arms this is what you can do;

4. Arm circles – both clockwise and anticlockwise. Simply hold your arms far apart and begin to mimic a circular motion for a timed period, at least 30 seconds. Ensure your arms do not drop in the process; you want them maintained at the right level which is the angle at which your shoulders naturally hold up. Once done with the clockwise motion, take a breather and begin to do it counterclockwise.

5. Jumping jacks – popularly known as star jumps. This is more of a full-body workout, because it involves every part possible, from the legs, arms, to the mid-section. To do it accurately, jump to a position with your legs spread apart and your hands overlapping, sometimes doing a clap. This is what helps burn the fat in those hard-to-reach spots under the arms. If it proves too easy, jump and clap as high as you can. Remember to take deep breathes to power through the routine.

6. Punches – punches too are a great beginner-exercise. Stand with one of your legs forward and your knees bent slightly. Bend your elbows and clench your palms into fists, pushing them forward in front of your face. Ensure to fully extend your arm with each punch and put some oomph to it. Take the extended arm back and go at it with the other. Keep that heart rate steady and do not back down until you have done a good number of rounds.

Abs Training

Working the core is never easy, even for the best of us. Sit-ups especially can get very painful and demoralizing. Instead of jumping in on intimidating exercises, modify them into simpler, workable movements that will get you hyped for greater challenges. For a start, consider;

7. Russian twists or abs twists – sit on your work out mat or carpet if (it is comfortable enough), bring your knees to a bent position, and raise your back off the ground. Clutch your hands together and begin to twist your upper body from side to side. For better balance, ensure your feet are somewhat tilted backward. Do as many sets possible before moving on to this next move.

8. Butt bridge – after a short break, bring your back down to the floor while still maintaining the bent-knee posture. Put your hands to the sides and lift your butt up and down. Engage your glutes too while at it so that both regions feel the burn. Also, breathe in and out for that extra push.

9. Cobra stretch – this uses similar movements to that of the butt bridge, except that it’s done while facing down on your belly. Turn the other way round and have your stomach touching the ground, place your palms ahead of your body and square out your shoulders. Follow to straighten your lower body keeping it as firm as possible, and then gently raise your upper half while pulling your hands against the mat.

This is one of those movements that don’t require too much exertion or else you might end up hurting yourself. Proceed with care and if you happen to feel any unusual pain, do not prolong it anymore. Notice as you stretch your abs, you are equally strengthening your arm and shoulder muscles so it’s a win-win!

10. Planks– a plank would require a fairly conditioned body to withhold the required posture, none the less, it is achievable with consistency and determination. Start with shorter planks, even 15 seconds or 30 seconds should still give you a solid workout. An easy to do version would simply require you to rest on both your forearms and knees, as you time yourself.

Normally, you ought to balance your entire weight on your forearms only but this makes no sense if you are just starting. Once your arms, shoulders, and overall balance improve, you will be better placed to try the conventional approach without shivering too much.


  • Put on some music that you love, preferably a hype beat and get into it.
  • It’s okay to pause and recuperate, even if you were following a trainer. Remember it’s never about perfection but progress, so go easy on your body.
  • Drink your water in intervals when necessary.
  • Search for all-inclusive workouts which are normally structured to suit all levels.

Here is a 30 min fat burning workout that you could draw inspiration from.

Body Project: 30 Minute Fat Burning…

Seated Exercises

Like I said, toning down difficult movements is always a good idea. You could do exercises while seated on a bench or chair if you are unable to carry your weight. Keep in mind that this should only be a starting point and not prolonged for the long haul.

The catch however is to focus on sitting nice and tall. Keep an upright body posture without slumping or leaning forward too much. Besides this, you don’t need as much recovery time now that your body is partially mobile. A 10 seconds break should suffice.

Movements like the side steps or punches can easily be done in this kind of set and so can others like

1. Ladder runs– where you imagine climbing up a ladder and use your arms to mimic the motion. Speed it up to like you would if you were in a race so that it’s not too lax.

2. Swimming arms– it follows the same logic where you move your arms in a manner suggesting you are in a pool. It also helps with the tummy muscles.

3. Sprint arms– these only work when enough diligence is input, so pump those arms to the best of your ability.

Find Enjoyable Exercises

Whether you are exercising for weight loss or simply to boost your fitness, it becomes more bearable if you’re engaged in an activity you like. The words exercise and fun may sound out of place when used concurrently, but take some time to reflect on what you naturally find exciting and slide that into your fitness regimen.

For starters, how about walking? It could be in the early morning or evening when winding up your day. Throw on some earphones, have your water bottle close, and begin the stroll. Unless you’d like to get in a jog, about a 30 min walk every day is good enough. Plus the beautiful scenery you get to enjoy will have you done before you know it!

A different idea would be dance workouts. This is for ladies who like to party or those who simply enjoy good music. Today there is a sea full of dance trainers who are making the most out of this casual hobby by reshaping your life for the better. You can easily find such sessions on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Try water aerobics too. Water helps support your body weight thus making you feel lighter. The sharp discomfort felt while working on solid ground virtually disappears when you’re in water. Not to mention you can slide in a fun swim afterward.

Train Your Mind as well

The mind is said to be the most powerful organ in the body. It takes much more than will power to beat the everyday obstacles associated with exercising. Some have tried and failed, but those who made it out successfully can attest how much work they put into changing old mindsets.

When you feel like giving up, look back at why you started, your end goal, and just how far you have come. If you can find even the slightest reason to keep going, endeavor to push past the pain, and hurt. Be prepared for slow days, days when you feel less motivated, but still cheer yourself on. We also have another article about great exercises you can do.


A home mini-workout can be likened to baby steps. The whole point of it is to break from sedentary lifestyles. If you think you’re too heavy or not as confident to hit the gym, start with these as you work your way up the ladder. Get an accountability partner, maybe a friend, and remember to applaud your small wins.

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