10 Awesome Plus Size Boho Outfits You Can Put Together

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Boho is one of the ravishing fashion trends making a great comeback to the millennial age. Boho which is short form for Bohemian style fashion has a fantastic blend of bold colors, artisan jewelry, unique clothing designs, and cuts. With the building pre-summer ecstasy, you definitely want to stand out and look effortlessly stylish among peers. So, here are 10 awesome plus size boho outfits you can put together.

The essentials of plus-size Boho dressing are simple – comfort and flattering designs. Pick pieces that do not accentuate areas you are not comfortable with such as your belly, wide thighs and large butt. Instead opt for designs that glide over your body, gently highlighting your feminine curves and lovely silhouette. Optimize on pieces that highlight and add more definition to your most flattering features such as your voluptuous chest, your arms and your legs.

Unlike other fashion flairs, Boho is widely accommodative and less constraining when it comes to styling. This means you can get away with pieces you typically would not on your normal day-to-day fashion look. Boho designs essentially emphasize on comfort as most pieces are usually ‘large and oversized.’ This offers a wide range of outfit options, for people to work with. Ironically the golden rule in Boho fashion is, there are no rules. Yes! You can wear anything you feel comfortable in and what best depicts your individuality and personal style. So why not have at it!

Feel free to indulge and play around with multiple daring hues and patterns, or beachy sun-kissed colors which make you feel one with nature, splurge on bohemian accessories both subtle and wild, and embrace various outfit cuts, designs and styles. Boho presents an infinite possibility of fun and style. The beauty about it is how easily available everything is in the market. You need not spend your savings to look flawless.

Despite its allure and ‘free’ fashion vibe, it may take you a while to identify what feels good and looks good on your plus size frame, but not to worry. Here’s a list of 10 Plus Size Boho Outfits you can put together now!

Outfit 1: Tank top| High rise jeans | A Bold Cardigan

This outfit is an ideal day outfit which you can wear while out with your kids or friends or simply running your personal errands.

Nearly, every girl has a tank top in their wardrobe. We both can agree that tank tops are both cozy and fashionable. Worn with the right bra, they really can help accentuate your bust and make you look more visually appealing. Their low cut, leave your chest wide open giving you ample room to play around with various neckpieces if you so desire. Additionally, their form- fitting nature helps to highlight your upper waist, just below your bust, giving you a synched appearance. Opt for a neutral colored tank top in which a simple white or black one will do.

Pair this up with high rise jeans. You can pick a distressed pair if you want an edgy feel. Avoid wearing a belt as this will congest and visually ‘close’ your outfit. You can go for a black, blue or wash color of jeans that is well-fitting.

Throw on an open boldly colored cardigan to the mix. This will give your outfit a jolt of personality and character. Go for sensual colors such as deep red, pink, or sapphire, with varying patterns such as geometrical or floral designs. The more the merrier. You can opt to keep things crisp and clean with darker colors beneath so that the cardigan can stand out as a statement piece.

Outfit 2: Jeggings | Bold neckpiece/pendant |Kimono | Boots

This is another look that hinges on a statement clothing piece. With the necessary modifications, this outfit can be worn to work, a lunch date or on a night out with friends or family.

Jeggings are also popular in current fashion trends. A thick opaque pair will do. You can opt for more textured ones or ones with subtle detail or gradients. Pair these with a simple top or undergarment which advisedly should be light. We do not want you sweating under the weight and heat of the kimono.

Drape on the Kimono. It should be well-fitting and not too big that it overwhelms your body frame. Advisedly pick a length that gently falls over your hips but does not completely cover them. Go for unique patterns and accessorize with an artisan pendant or bold beaded bohemian styled neckpiece. You can pick a color that is complementary to your outfit. Ensure the piece is long enough- preferably any length below your bust.

Add statement leather boots. You can vary this look with thigh-high boots or ankle-boots that have a unique Boho flair such as oblique straps, beads, or a vintage feel.

Outfit 3 : Off Shoulder Maxi Dress | Bohemian Accessories | Hat | Strappy Sandals

Dresses are a girl’s main staple outfit. Boho dresses are usually free-flowing and do not cling onto your body. This is a big plus, for the plus-size woman. Embrace an off-shoulder maxi-dress, whether plain, multi-colored or floral- whatever you fancy. Maxi dresses tend to give more definition to your upper body as they give you an empire waist effect. You can opt for a thigh-high slit that will show off your legs. If you are not comfortable with such a high slit you can opt for dresses that do not have a slit or alternatively ask your tailor to sew up the slit for you to a height you would prefer.

Throw on your simple Boho pendant and load both your wrists with uniquely braided or designed Boho bangles. You can opt to contrast or complement your dress with the accessories. You can also throw in some Boho style rings on most of your fingers. Boho rings utilize accessible gemstones which have raw cuts. They can be quite a conversation starter.

Incorporate a wide hat to your outfit. Pick the style that flatters your face the most and tickles your fancy. For a more laid back look, wear strappy sandals or any beaded sandals as opposed to heels. Go for neutral colored sandals or nude colors for a great finish.

Outfit 4: Print Shorts | Oversized Chiffon Top| Sandals | Sunglasses

If you are a lover of shorts, this is a must try! You can wear this to the beach or when the temperature is sorely high.

Pick a boldly colored pair of shorts and tuck in your oversized chiffon top at the front. Let the rest of your blouse hang loosely on the sides. Wear a pair of strappy sandals, more popularly known as ‘gladiators’. Toss your favorite sunglasses on and you are good to go.

Tucking will help you create more visual definition and steer you clear from looking like a shapeless sack of potatoes. However, you can vary this outfit, by using a high-low chiffon blouse instead. This design helps to give you adequate coverage at the back – hiding the cellulite behind your chubby legs and helps flatter your frame at the front.

If you are uncomfortable with a lot of your thigh area being exposed, you can drape this outfit with a long light-weight open cardigan.

Oufit 5: Belted Asymmetrical Cut Dress | Boots | Hat | Leather Bag

This can be a great Boho night time outfit.

Pick an asymmetrically cut dress. This adds interest and a blush of style to your entire look. Go for a longer and free-flowing piece. Use a unique belt to tie things up at your mid-waist. You can choose between a wide and narrow belt or alternatively a fashionable waist belt, whichever will give you the desired look. A few tricks to incorporate while belting is to tag at your dress (the part below the belt) once you’ve belted up so that it is even and leveled up all through. If you are into shorter dresses, you can fluff up your dress (the part above the belt) and have it fall over your belt casually. This will in turn shorten the length of your dress.

Pick a unique leather bag to complement your look. It could be small, medium or large in size. If you are not a fan of leather bags, pick a bag with a vintage vibe to it and if desired- an array of playful colors. This gives your outfit a warm and inviting look. You can also opt for bags with beaded detail or shell ornaments. Avoid bags that have visibly large (and fake) diamonds or other flashy ornaments. This may compete with the rest of the outfit. Incorporate a hat and statement boots of your liking.

Outfit 6: Lace Skirt Outfit | Scarf | Large Boho Earrings

If you are tired of pants and dresses you can opt for a skirt. Pick a 2-piece skirt outfit that incorporates a long skirt and a matching top. Alternatively, you can create this look with an ordinary tank top and a long lace skirt. You can choose a skirt that is opaque and that flares or swirls at the bottom or alternatively pick a skirt that has a lace meshwork over an opaque or translucent inner lining.

Add a contrasting scarf to the mix; tie it up however you please. If you are not a fun of wearing scarfs, you can tie the scarf as a ribbon on your hand or on your vintage bag. Tie it into a bow and let the ends peak out. Scarfs are a wonderful constituent of Boho fashion. They come in various sizes, patterns and designs.

If you want a subtle look, you can opt for a neutrally colored scarf that aligns with your outfit. Don’t forget to accessorize and incorporate large Boho earrings. These earrings however large are very light weight, unique, bold and fancy. You will enjoy putting these on.

Outfit 7: Flare Trouser | Embroided Blouse

Flare trousers are back in style! And yes you can rock them to any casual event.

Pick any flare trouser of your choice, preferably jeans or khaki pants. Pair it up with a unique embroidered blouse with half or full sleeves. Opt for an open necked-blouse. Those with plunging necklines or V-shaped necklines will be sufficient. The embroidery will definitely make the outfit stand out, so pick simple accessories that will not compete with the embroidery.

Feel free to tuck in your blouse for an added edge to your overall look. You can also tie it up in various ways if you want it to be more form fitting. In selecting the blouse, remember to ensure that it is not overly loose or big. This will help give balanced proportions on your lower and upper body.

Outfit 8: Stripped or Floral Rompers

Rompers are simply delightful. With their various formal and casual designs, you can rock them to work, school or a date.

Pick a romper that flatters your body frame. Choose one that has some ruching which can help hide your tummy area. Also pick one with an empire waist effect or one that comes with a belt that you can incorporate. This element helps in visually sliming you down and gives you an hourglass shape.

Don’t be shy to pick out rompers with unique designs such as ruffles, one-shoulder cuts or a strapless design. Ensure it’s something that is not too fitting, as this will highlight your every bump and lump. You can incorporate a leather jacket or a distressed denim jacket to complement the look.

Outfit 9: My Little Black Dress |Boho Accessories | Colorful Heels

You can never go wrong with a LBD. This fashion piece has stood the test of time and can be worn to cocktails, dates, birthday parties, weddings – the list is endless really.

Pick a short plain black dress or one that has incorporated embroidery detail. Throw on a belt if it’s too large, then accessorize with lots of Bohemian bangles and Boho neckpieces. For an elegant look, pick statement shoes that add a dash of color to the outfit. You can opt for animal print stilettoes or boots or a bright turquoise, neon or canary yellow shoes.

Outfit 10: Tunic Dress | Headband

Tunic dresses are also quite the rave. These simple yet elegant pieces can be worn as both a day and night time outfit, depending on how you style it.

Pick a tunic dress of your preference. Advisably, pick one that has a waterfall effect as these ones tend to accentuate your general body curves and make you look slimmer at the top. If not, pick one that is slightly flares out at its end. Accessorize and throw on a colorful headband as opposed to a hat. Wear your hair down. This will give you a natural and ‘native/tribal’ look which makes quite the impression and is definite to turn heads.

For more on dresses check our article Plus-size Dresses: The Official Shoppers Guide.

Final Thoughts

The diversity of Bohemian fashion makes it an ever-evolving allure that caters to both the subtle and wild at heart. As you pick out and style your Boho outfits ensure to think outside the box. Have fun mixing and matching pieces. Always remember to be true to what looks and feels good on you. Don’t wear something simply because it looks great on another, take your time and learn what you like.

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