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What Is a Cardigan to a Thick Chick?

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Today’s article is an ode to everyone’s favorite cool-weather fashion staple, the cardigan. So humble, so underrated, and so versatile, a cardigan can mean a lot to a thick chick. How so?

Thicker girls can use cardigans to hide trouble areas, distract from their midsections, and layer up to feel warm and toasty all over.

Cardigans truly are a blessing, and I’m not done waxing nostalgic yet. Keep reading for more information on how to wear cardigans as a plus-size gal, as well as my favorite cardigans for thick chicks.

4 Reasons to Wear a Cardigan as a Thick Chick

1. You Can Make Them Dressy Or Casual

Do you feel like taking it easy with your fashion today or do you want to do something different and crank the style up a notch or two?

Cardigans are excellent for both!

For those more relaxed, casual days, you can put on a button-down shirt or a long-sleeved shirt, a pair of your favorite denims, and a cardigan.

Pair it with some wedge booties and maybe a cute fedora or hat, and voila, you’re ready to head out for the day.

You’ll look ultra-stylish and put-together despite that you barely tried. It’s the cardigan to the rescue!

If you feel like dressing up some, you can wear an all-black ensemble and punch it up with a colorful cardigan in a hue of your choosing. 

Wear this look with a sleek pair of black wedge booties or even a patterned pair of booties. I’m thinking leopard print. 

You’ll look so exceptionally chic and again, your outfit came together almost too easily. No one has to know that though! 

2. They Hide Trouble Areas

We plus-size gals may love our bodies (for the most part), but there are still some areas that we feel more comfortable about than others.

For many ladies, an area of contention is their midsections.

You worry that you look too round and pudgy in this area with too many rolls, so you always dress very carefully to hide your stomach. 

Well, in that case, cardigans will surely become your new fashion best friend.

A cardigan doesn’t cover your stomach, per se, unless you wear it closed. 

Even when worn open, though, a cardigan masks your stomach, your sides, your hips, and your derriere.

If you’re self-conscious about one or more of these areas, they’re all minimized and sheathed by the long, flowy cardigan.

Instead, you’re extenuating other features such as your bust, your shoulders, and your legs.

3. Great for Layering

Loose, baggy clothes are a comfort to some plus-size gals, but let’s be real, dressing beyond your size doesn’t always look cute.

You know what does look cute? That’s right, a cardigan. You had to know I was going to say it. 

You can layer a cardigan over a light sweater or a semi-loose shirt so you can obscure your midsection.

Not only is this stylish as all-get-out, but you don’t risk looking even larger by wearing a too-big poofy shirt.

4. Distract from Your Midsection

Plus-size gals who want to minimize trouble areas will dress strategically to do so.

For instance, cut-outs around the neckline or shoulders draw the eye upward. Patterns obscure one’s size, as does wearing darker colors.

Another way to distract from your midsection that’s a much easier styling trick is to wear a cardigan.

You’re already well aware that a cardigan makes your midsection bumps and lumps less noticeable.

When people look at this area, you can bet they’re not studying your body but rather are looking at your cardigan instead. That’s a nice feeling!

Our 11 Favorite Plus-Size Cardigans

Cardigans run the gamut and can complement a variety of styles. 

To show you what I mean, I’ve compiled a list of my top 11 favorite plus-size cardigans.

1. Lands’ End Women’s Cotton Open Long Cardigan

This Lands’ End cardigan on Target is quite the head-turner, wouldn’t you say?

This cotton sweater features a variety of horizontal stripes in various colors, including purple, teal, and green.

 The different-colored sleeves thing might take some getting used to, but the cardigan is also available in pure black if that’s a little easier for you to wear.

That said, if you’re trying to break out of a style rut, I would recommend going for the colored stripes. 

They’ll certainly punch up your wardrobe, and plus patterns are great for us plus-size gals.

With a long, draping fit, this Lands’ End cardigan features a rib knit trim for shape retention and front welt pockets.

2. Avenue – Evans Button-Through Cardigan

Don’t you love a cardigan that you can button? I know that I do!

This Evans button-through cardigan, which was found on Avenue, features large, functional buttons all down the front.

The hemline hits below the hip while this relaxed-fit cardigan also features front pockets and a deep V-neck in the front. 

Maybe wear a t-shirt or long-sleeved shirt underneath this one just to be on the safe side.

Only one color is available, blush pink. It’s delicate and dainty! 

3. Layne Bryant – Classic Button-Front Heart Cardigan

From Layne Bryant’s website, the too-cute classic button-front heart cardigan will allow you to show your true emotions with your heart literally on your sleeve.

You don’t only have to wear this cardigan around Valentine’s Day with its heart-shaped print, which is good because you definitely will not want to! 

You’ll look for excuses to wear it whenever the weather is cool.

The black cardigan with an all-over print of white hearts looks great buttoned up or worn open. It’s your choice. 

This cardigan is 22 percent nylon, 28 percent polyester, and 50 percent rayon.

4. Torrid – Everyday Soft Duster Open Front Sweater

If you’re looking for a long, nearly floor-grazing cardigan, the everyday soft duster open front cardigan from Torrid will satisfy you.

This knee-length cardigan is made of 20 percent nylon, 28 percent polyester, and 52 percent rayon. 

The ultra-soft, plush material doesn’t pill, so you can wear it reliably season after season, and it still looks great.

You can choose from two colors, light heather gray or very light tan. I love both subtle, delicate shades! 

5. Maurices – Plus-Size Geo Print Duster Cardigan

Another longer cardigan for turning heads all autumn and winter long is this geo print duster cardigan from Maurices.

The cardigan features an oversized beige collar and a fun, funky geometric print throughout in hues like beige, tan, and black.

This statement-making cardigan has no buttons or ties, so you should proudly wear it open to show off your awesome sense of style!

6. Nordstrom – 4-Way Convertible Cardigan

A classic mini cardigan is a must in any woman’s wardrobe, as it gives off those retro vintage vibes that are so trendy right now.

This Nordstrom four-way convertible cardigan can indeed be worn four different ways.

You can tie it at the bottom, knot it at the bottom, crisscross it, or wear it open.

It has no buttons, so you’re free to experiment with your sense of style exactly as you want to!

This sweater is available in only one color, a bubblegum pink hue known as Valencia.

7. Boohoo – Plus Boyfriend Knitted Cardigan

Over on Boohoo, I can’t get enough of this chunky, funky plus-sized boyfriend-knitted cardigan.

Made of pure acrylic, the cardigan hits to about your knee so you can cover up in the winter. 

The thicker knit also makes this cardigan more winter-appropriate than anything else, although you can get away with wearing it late in the autumn and early into the spring too.

Select from colors such as beige, black, or red. 

I would suggest buying one of every color so you can stay chic and comfortable all season long.

8. JCPenney – St. John’s Bay Women’s Plus Long-Sleeved Open-Front Cardigan

Another winter-style cardigan that’s ultra-cute is the St. John’s Bay plus-size cardigan.

This open-necked, long-sleeved cardigan is made of pure knitted cotton. 

It has a fitted shape so it doesn’t hang loose, but since it’s a wide-open cardigan, it’s never tight. 

I know the word “fitted” can give some plus-size gals conniptions, but there’s nothing to fear here.

The length of this cardigan is a good 31.5 inches around the back and 32.5 inches in the front.

9. Cato – Aztec Cardigan Sweater

If you’re into bold colors and even bolder prints, you can’t miss this Aztec cardigan from fashion retailer Cato.

This pure acrylic cardigan comes in a color called Autumn Maple, which is dark orange-red. 

Throughout is a black, white, and tan Aztec triangular print that will certainly reduce focus on your trouble areas even more.

The cardigan includes pockets but does not tie or have buttons. 

10. Dillard’s – Vince Camuto Plus-Size Women’s Cozy Maxi Cardigan

If there are two favorite words of mine, it’s cozy and maxi. 

This trendy Vince Camuto cardigan on Dillard’s combines both, and it works fabulously.

This long cardigan is part spandex, part polyester, and part acrylic.

It measures 31.5 inches in all and includes pockets on either side. The front neckline is wide open with no buttons or ties.

Perhaps my favorite part is the only available color, which is called Berry Hibiscus and is a bright, neon pink. 

The color is bright, bold, head-turning, and absolutely fabulous! 

11. ASOS Design – Curve Edit Power Cardigan

I like the sound of the words “power cardigan,” and I feel like you will too when you don this ASOS Design cardigan.

Taken right from the brand’s Curve collection, this long, fashionable cardigan features a tie closure high in the front that gives it ‘90s vibes in the best way possible.

The long sleeves and scoop neck are also very trendy. The cardigan is only available in black.

I would take a page out of the model’s book here and wear this lightweight cardigan with a crop top and high-waisted jeans or leggings to make a real statement. I can guarantee you that you will turn heads!


Cardigans are not to be feared as a plus-size woman but embraced instead. I hope this guide shows you how to style and wear cardigans and gives you a few new covetable items in your plus-size wardrobe!

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